A Cloud for all Seasons

Even though the pandemic has been the main driver for digital workplace productivity as a strategic requirement, this topic will not go away after it is over. The Digital Business workforce needs to be “anywhere-enabled”. In order to support this Secure & Flexible Infrastructures for the Digitally Transformed Enterprise is necessary.

Developing a digital workplace strategy contains several layers:

  • Collaboration, EX (Employee Experience) and connectivity to forge productive business relationships within and beyond natural workgroups.
  •  Workplace Technology - the digital workplace toolbox
  • Secure Information Exchange & Digital Workplace Management


In this KC live event, we will discuss the future workplace trends such as De-Materialization & Anywhere Computing, Workplace-Consumerization, KyE (Know Your Employee), How to balance Zero Trust requirements with easy access and more.

Our expert speakers will share insights on how a solid digital workforce strategy, incorporating technologies like automation, collaboration, and artificial intelligence, can help propel your business forward.  

Language: English • Duration: 17:46 • Resolution: 1280x720

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