Cybersecurity Investment Priorities - Set Your Focus Right

Welcome. My name is Martin Koro. I'm principal Analyst at Ko Cole. Today, I will talk about one aspect of cybersecurity investment priorities, which is about where, so which areas to focus on. Now, one of the things we have learned over the past couple of weeks is that we need to be able to support people in working from everywhere, regardless of where they are. So work from home in that case, they need to be able to work. And when we look at this, it also has some impact on where do we need to spend most of our resources. And at the end, when we look at a, a simple train of what happens in working, and it is the user accesses, the device and why the network, there's an access to an application running on the system. So there's a system and there's the application and the application accesses information data.
And within that, there are a few sort of central elements at the end, what we want to protect this information. This is maybe even our ground truth of our organization, but this is what we really need to protect. And it starts with the access. So we need to identify the user access identity to the device. So identify access management, device security and information protection are at the end, the essential elements with that, the network that could be any type of network. And the more we go forward with the cloud first strategy, the more different types of networks that will be, it will be not our corporate network. At the end of the day, we should think about everyone can use the device to access the information, a secure manner, regardless of the device, regardless of the network in between and where the service runs. So it limits this.
This is very well aligned with the zero trust syncing, but it means our emphasis should be on identity access on device security, device management. And how can we also get a grip on the own devices? So spring your own device stuff and the information protection, how do we keep the information secure? These are the elements which are the highest relevance, because also when move to cloud first, we have a secure network connection, usually in some way. So the traditional network security specifically for our own corporate networks is of lesser relevance than the things I've mentioned than
Identity management and device management and information protection since our changing. And what we should do is when we look at our cybersecurity investments, we must adjust them to this new world. It, where we have work from home, where we have a cloud first strategy, where we have a different way of doing it, of working. And that means it's not a network at the center anymore. It's the information, it's the device and it's identity and access. Thank you for listening to.

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