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Unlock the Potential of Passwordless Authentication

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Alejandro Leal
Research Analyst
Alejandro Leal
Alejandro joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in December 2021. His main areas of expertise include digital transformation in the public and private sector, managing business in today’s geopolitical context, and governance in artificial intelligence and cyberspace. Background...
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Christie Pugh
Product Manager
KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Christie Pugh
Christie joined KuppingerCole in December 2022 as the Digital Products Manager. She is passionate about setting her colleagues, partners, and customers up for success by providing them with the tools necessary to define, execute and achieve their goals. Located in Berlin, she came to...
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Webinar Recording
Take Invisible MFA to the Next Level With Passwordless Continuous Authentication
Apr 21, 2023

Join experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and SecureAuth as they discuss why not all MFA solutions offer the same level of protection, and how organizations can improve their security posture and user experience by adopting a different approach that combines MFA with risk-based Passwordless Authentication.

Alejandro Leal, Research Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts, will explore some of the problems with legacy MFA solutions and how a passwordless solution can improve usability and security. He will also explain some common passwordless features such as device trust and risk-based authentication.

Nawshad Hoossanbuksh, Senior Product Manager at SecureAuth will explain how adopting a passwordless continuous authentication approach can protect against phishing, brute-force, and MFA by-pass attacks such as MFA fatigue or MA bombing. He will also give an overview of SecureAuth’s Arculix passwordless continuous authentication solution.

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We Need to Talk About Passwords – Urgently!
Jul 29, 2020

Passwords have been used for authentication for decades and continue to proliferate. Yet we know they create friction for users, slow down business productivity, and are a weak form of user authentication. Users are always forgetting them or use weak passwords that are easily cracked by hackers. Many organizations would love to lessen reliance on passwords but many passwordless solutions only provide a partial solution and do not solve the inherent weakness of passwords. Modern enterprises cannot cover the myriad of access use cases today with a passwordless solution alone.

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A Blueprint for Achieving a Passwordless Reality
May 11, 2022

Password-related attacks increased by a staggering 450% in 2020, with over 1.48 billion records breached worldwide. Meanwhile, the average cost of a password reset exceeds $50 USD. We all know that passwords fail to deliver adequate Zero-Trust security and cause unnecessary friction for both customers and the workforce. So why have passwords not receded into the background? What are the key challenges facing enterprise passwordless agendas? And how can modern identity and access management help us realise a blueprint for a passwordless reality? 

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Trends in Passwordless Authentication for CIAM
May 11, 2023

Passwordless helps in reducing ATO fraud, provides better security, and smoother experience. But the passwordless approach for each organization and region is fundamentally different, in large part because the journeys or flows that your customers will take are unique. In this session Huzefa Olia will talk about the various options that an organization can introduce for Passwordless access for their customers. 

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The Passwordless Enterprise: Building A Long-Term Zero Trust Strategy
Jul 12, 2019

“The password is dead.” We have heard this statement for at least a decade, yet even in 2019, data breaches based on stolen user credentials continue to dominate the headlines. Why do passwords so stubbornly refuse to die?

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Passwordless Authentication: What, Why, and How
Oct 27, 2023

Join identity and access management experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and ForgeRock for a discussion on passwordless authentication solutions, the reasons organizations are slow to implement them, and how to go about making the switch successfully by understanding the technologies and process changes involved.

Alejandro Leal, Research Analyst at KuppingerCole will explain the main features, capabilities, and benefits of passwordless authentication. He will also look at how to assess passwordless authentication solutions, and how to identify the ones that are best suited to your organization.

Jeff Carpenter, Director of Product Marketing at ForgeRock will discuss the various use cases for passwordless authentication and the need for different approaches. He will also look at some common challenges and potential pitfalls, as well as the best practices to follow, as well as provide an overview of how the ForgeRock Identity Platform enables passwordless deployment.

Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #148: How to Improve Security with Passwordless Authentication
Nov 07, 2022

"Passwordless authentication" has become a popular and catchy term recently. It comes with the promise of getting rid of the risk associated with passwords, however, organizations will add a significant layer to the overall security of their IT infrastructure. Research analyst Alejandro Leal rejoins Matthias to explain how this can be achieved in reality with today's products and services. He gives an overview of the market, the technologies and recent developments in this area.

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Passwordless Primer
May 10, 2023

Passwordless authentication counts amongst the hot topics in IAM. In this session, the variants of passwordless authentication will be explained. Phishing resistance, device binding, secure elements, and many of the other technical aspects will be explained, put into context, and rated regarding their relevance for different use cases. The session also will discuss use cases and their specific needs, from simplified access to office solutions to a unified passwordless authentication for the entire IT environment.

Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #29: Getting Rid of the Password
Jul 10, 2020

Warwick Ashford and Matthias Reinwarth discuss the standards, technologies and organizational changes needed to finally get rid of the password-based authentication once and for all.