David Doret: TOME: Strengthening the Semantic Foundations of IAM

We all know that communication is the most critical success factor of any human undertakings, and IAM initiatives are no exception. However, whether you are:

  • a manager trying to explain its IAM strategic program to top management,
  • an architect trying to make IAM efficiently and securely serve the information system,
  • an engineer trying to explain IAM technological challenges to colleagues,
  • a vendor trying to increase the value of its IAM product for his customers,
  • a researcher trying to push forward our understanding of IAM,

…the one critical thing we are all missing is a consistent and accurate vocabulary. Throughout decades of academic work, many authors proposed definitions for IAM terms and concepts. Yet, as a discipline, as an industry, as a career specialization, and as a research field, we failed to consolidate this and build a reference IAM dictionary, allowing us to communicate with precision and clarity.


In this session, I will present you with the TOME community project. Its goal is to become that reference dictionary. It is built as an open wiki to allow all experts to contribute. It is free of charge and licensed under Creative Commons to facilitate its widespread adoption. It is rooted in science with pervasive references from the literature to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Learning objectives

  • See how numerous, inconsistent and confusing IAM terms are in everyday usage
  • Realize how developing a clear and accurate vocabulary may contribute to the success of IAM
  • Get acquainted with the TOME IAM dictionary initiative and understand how to contribute

Language: English • Duration: 13:31 • Resolution: 1280x720

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