IAM Projects Stalling – Too Big to Win

Martin Kuppinger explains the reasons why so many Identity and Access Management projects can stall or even fail.

Hello. My name is Martin Kok. I'm a principal Analyst at Koko today. I will talk about one of the reasons for identity mentoring projects, stalling I'm in this business long. I've seen a lot of projects and I've seen a lot of projects, stalling or failing, and there are many reasons for that, including stakeholders, not involved, not the right people, involved too much tool, the wrong service deployment model and many others. But one of the most common reasons is that people try to do too much in such a project identity management. As a whole. If you look at it with all the areas of identity management is a big beast TA it's the elephant and you can't eat the elephant. You need to slice your pro into smaller pieces. This is very essential for identity measurement projects. Not only because it's hard to run a super complex project.
First start with understanding. Most of these identity measurement initiatives are programs, not single project. So there are many elements split the entire thing into projects, which are small enough and them, this will also help you to address the second aspect, which is so not only is a smaller project, easier to handle, but you will be ready at some point of time. Many iron management projects come in trouble because at some point the management asks, oh, we've spent 10 millions running for three years. What did you get out of it? If you have smaller chunks with quick wins and with big wins, then you will succeed. So slice the elephant, so to speak, create smaller chunks, and then you will be successful and communicate right about the potential quick wins and the big wins. This is what will help you award installing project. Thank you.

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