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Welcome. My name is Martin Kuppinger I'm principal Analyst at Coco. In this series of video podcasts. I'll talk about reasons for identity and access mentoring projects. Stalling. The topic I'd like to look at today is about stakeholders. So stakeholders are potential success factor and they are risk having the right stakeholders in board helps you winning with your project missing to have all the required stakeholders in board is apparently a risk. The challenge with identity in access management is that identity in access management is a cross-divisional project trip. It is not something you do just in it, it specifically nothing you do just in a small part of it. So even within it latest, when you start talking to HR, when you talk to SAP and to other business system owners, it becomes apparent that there are many different parties which are affected and involved in this project not to speak from the business side.
So whoever was involved in an entitled management, maybe role management project knows there's a lot of talk you need to do with the business. And that means that you need to understand who is affected, who is involved and who takes, which role of stakeholdership in this project. So who is the sponsor of the project who is affected, who needs to be informed, et cetera. A good approach is to start with something like Iraqi metrics. So this responsible, accountable consultant informed approach, our ACI, there are different varies of that, but thinking really about who plays, which role in a project, you need to understand that because if you miss certain people, you might end up with resistance against your project because they feel they are not informed. They are involved, et cetera. So it's super important to understand who might be effective to then build your communication, to inform about the project, to involve the stakeholders, doing it right at the right points. So not having always 30 peoples in a meeting, but starters, communicating openly asking them the right question at the right time, informing them about a progress and also clearly defining about what is their domain and remains their domain. What is you remain for instance, when talking with HR? So what is the responsibility for HR? Where is the interface between HR and identity management? What is what I identity and access management does? My experience is that talking with people
At the right time really solves a lot of problem and resolves a lot of challenges you otherwise will experience in your identity and access management project. So think about your stakeholders from the very beginning of your IM project. Thank you for listening to me.

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