Why IAM From the Cloud is the New Normal

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Principal Analyst & Co-Founder
KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Martin Kuppinger is the founder and Principal Analyst responsible for the KuppingerCole research. In his 25 years of IT experience he has already written more than 50 IT-related books and is known as a widely-read columnist and author of technical articles as well as reviews and is also a...
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When organizations modernize their Identity and Access Management (IAM), they have three fundamental requirements: an understanding of current capabilities, a migration strategy to transform the IAM infrastructure and finally, the staff with the expertise to execute the plan. The challenges on the way from legacy IAM to a modern IAM infrastructure are manifold and should be considered beforehand.

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Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) is on the rise, and it is more than just Single Sign-On. Managing user journeys, directory functionality, access control, and governance is mandatory. Identity and access governance is a key topic in most organizations and, just as with identity provisioning, it does not become obsolete when making the shift to Cloud IAM.

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In the digital era, IAM is no longer just about employees. To become truly digital and tap into the new business benefits, organizations need IAM systems that can cater to partners, consumers and even things, as well as support IAM capabilities across all target systems, regardless of their deployment model.

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Leveraging what you have and extending it by new services and architectures to support today’s and tomorrow’s business demand on IAM.

IAM (Identity and Access Management) is no longer just an administrative tool or a solution supporting your regulatory compliance requirements. It is a business enabler, as well as an IT enabler. It is a central element of every cybersecurity strategy. It enables managing and access control for everyone from employees to consumers and everything from things to software robots. It is a foundation for your success in digital transformation. It also enables IT transformation, by managing access to all the clouds and services you have to deal with.

But: How to get to a modern IAM form where you may be today? What to preserve, what to extend, what to add, what to retire? And how to do such a migration in a way that you can serve the business demand rapidly, while gaining the time you need for more complex migrations – and while preserving investments in times of tight budgets?

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will discuss these aspects and explain how the paradigm of an Identity Fabric can help you in successfully modernizing your IAM, at your own pace. He also will shed a light on the state of the market and the maturity of offerings serving the Identity Fabrics model.