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Better Safe than Sorry: A Peek into the Future with IGA

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Katarina Bolemant
Development Team Leader
Katarina Bolemant
Katarina Bolemant is one of the founding members of Evolveum, the vendor of the leading open source IGA platform midPoint. Katarina has been a crucial part of midPoint’s development ever since the company’s creation. Currently, she is the Development Team Leader, and her team focuses...
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Identity Governance with a Purpose – Deciding and Documenting Why Access is Granted
May 10, 2023

Deciding what constitutes appropriate access to sensitive information is a growing challenge for today’s enterprise. Whether it is regarding securing mission critical enterprise data or protecting the privacy of data gathered about the organization’s customers, an often-overlooked element is capturing and documenting the reasons why a given access request or entitlement is necessary and appropriate for the continued operation of the business.   Organizations are required to manage the data that they are entrusted with in a secure, purpose-based, and privacy-compliant manner.  Identity Governance processes can help the enterprise review the current state of access, make decisions regarding the validity of this access state, and attest to its accuracy.  Identity Governance processes are also ideally suited to also document the reasons why this access state is appropriate and necessary for business operations.

This session will cover how Identity Governance processes can help enterprises refine their security, make better access control decisions, and provide much clearer accountability around why access is granted – all in better alignment with Zero Trust initiatives.

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Regaining Control With IGA Solutions
Sep 11, 2019

Role management remains a pivotal challenge in many companies. Regulations (such as BAIT and VAIT in Germany) require companies not only to implement an IGA solution (Identity Governance & Administration), but also a uniform authorization concept and its regular review, including the assignment of access rights to the individual authorized persons.

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Mitigate Risks, Cut Cost, and Achieve Compliance With AI-Driven IGA
Dec 10, 2021

Effective Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is becoming increasingly important as digital transformation, cloud computing, and remote working increase the scope and complexity of Identity and Access Management (IAM) to new levels. But legacy role-based access control (RBAC) solutions alone are unable to meet the changing and dynamic IGA requirements of modern enterprises.

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Ground Control to Major CRO: Is Identity Governance a Risky Experience?
Jun 03, 2015
In today’s fast changing world the digitalization of businesses is essential to keep pace. The new ABC – Agile Businesses Connected – is the new paradigm organizations must follow. They must connect to their customers, partners and associates. They must become agile to respond to the changing needs of the market. They must understand, manage, and mitigate the risks in this connected world. One important aspect of this is the governance of the ever-increasing number of identities – customers, things, together with their access.
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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Through Identity
Jun 30, 2021

Employee Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) are typically separate in terms of governance, processes, and technology. But, by leveraging the synergy between the two, businesses can achieve better sales opportunities as well as faster digital transformation, better customer journeys, and improved security, privacy, and compliance.

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Identity for All – Not for the Few
Sep 10, 2020

While digitalization is a major challenge for all kinds of enterprises, it is particularly hard for medium sized enterprises. For many years, medium sized enterprises have struggled to deploy Identity Management as well as Identity Governance (IGA) solutions and show true business value and a return on investment. This is largely due to the complexity of implementation and the level of configuration and customization to fulfill the requirements. As a result, many companies have deployed Access Management solutions like single sign-on only to find that while great for user convenience, they bring little to the table for proper lifecycle management and governance.

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Breaking the Status Quo: Achieving Mature Access Governance Within Days
May 11, 2023

Securing access to data and applications has become a cornerstone of any modern cybersecurity strategy.

User access governance projects however have a history of incurring multi-year roll-outs and requiring specialized personnel, making many companies shy away and bear excessive cyber risk.

For those companies, approaching user access governance as a data problem can provide the answer. This approach effectively trims down user access governance to its essentials: low-effort data collection, user-friendly risk analytics, access reviews and plugging into the existing ITSM processes. This data-driven approach has the potential to let companies achieve mature access governance in a matter of days, not months.

In this session, Elimity CEO Maarten will give an overview of the essentials of user access governance and will showcase how this approach is successfully applied in practice by industry leaders such as Securitas, the Belgian Railroads and Federale Assurances.

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Time to Review and Rethink: Does Your Current IAM Still Suit Your Needs?
Dec 04, 2013

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Identity Governance - the Value of Leveraging IGA Functions from the Cloud
May 08, 2019

Even though companies need to implement Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solutions in order to stay compliant and support their security, the deployment of IGA solutions still poses a challenge to many of them. Delivering a frictionless experience for users and employees while efficiently managing identities and access entitlements are key to a successful deployment.