Frontier Talk

Introducing Frontier Talk - The World’s First Podcast on Decentralized Identity

Frontier Talk goes beyond technical jargon to stimulate conversations that matter. In this series, we take you inside the minds of influential leaders, innovators, and practitioners from eclectic areas (enterprise, startups, academia, venture capital, etc.) to extract their experience working with emerging technologies such as Blockchain and AI.

Join Raj Hegde on this journey to redefine the ‘I’ in Identity!

Identity is part of our lives. It is what defines us humans, machines, businesses. Everyone has a unique set of identifying information. And as the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, there is a clear need to optimize for shared experience. Frontier talk is the world's first podcast on decentralized identity. We explore the intersection of identity and technology and understand how AI blockchain and quantum computing are shaping the future of identity. As we know it today, each episode I will be joined by trailblazing status quo, breaking visionary from enterprise startups, academia, and venture capital to unlock practical tools, a roadmap to bring frontier technologies to market and accelerate the development of a decentralized identity ecosystem. Save the date frontier talk launches on YouTube and your favorite podcasting platform on April 7th. I'm Raj HETE. Join me on this journey to redefine the I in identity.

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