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FIDO for the Enterprise - Challenges & Rewards

Andreas Pellengahr
Head of Identity and Access Management
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Andreas Pellengahr
Andreas is passionately coordinating the IAM team in the Technology Office. He believes that Identities, Credentials and Authentication should be self-hosted and not in a cloud system.
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Allen Storey
Chief Product Officer
Allen Storey
Allen has 30 years IT experience, including roles at Prima Software Solutions, Labinal Group and Corah Plc, with more than 20 years focusing on digital identity. As Chief Product Officer for Intercede, Allen is responsible for the MyID Credential Management System roadmap and strategic...
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Graham Williamson
Fellow Analyst
Graham Williamson
Graham Williamson is a senior Analyst at KuppingerCole. Graham has practical experience in the identity management and access control industry having completed assignments in the academic, government and large corporate industry sectors across three continents. He is an Analyst in the areas of...
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Fighting Fraud With Strong Authentication
Nov 25, 2019

Strong authentication is one cornerstone of web security. However, account enrollment and account recovery processes are leaving gaps in the credential management lifecycle that allow bad actors to perform account takeover and get into our networks. Increasingly, these bad actors aren’t even real. Stolen identity information that is used to create new fake IDs, known as synthetic identity fraud, is a fast-growing form of fraud.

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The State of Passwordless Authentication
May 11, 2022

The FIDO Alliance has made tremendous strides in its mission to change the nature of authentication with stronger, simpler and passwordless authentication. Join this session to get find out the state of passwordless authentication from the FIDO lens, including a sneak peak at major news that will – finally - make passwordless FIDO authentication available to the masses.

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FIDO2: The Train is Leaving the Station
May 11, 2023

The FIDO Alliance is working to change the nature of authentication with open standards that are more secure than passwords, simpler for consumers to use, and easier for service providers to deploy and manage. While initially focused on the consumer space FIDO2 holds advantages for the enterprise willing to break the mould on legacy authentication models.

This session will look at the components of a FIDO2 environment and investigate the options for FIDO deployments. A view of the possible future of FIDO will be discussed.

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FIDO for Developers - How Developers Can Master FIDO and Passwordless Authentication Without Adding Unnecessary Complexity.
Sep 14, 2021

The paradox of simplicity is that making things simpler is hard work. - Bill Jensen

 Building strong passwordless authentication from scratch can be very time-consuming. Integrating the necessary infrastructure into a typical password-centric identity code base increases code complexity exponentially. Taking into consideration that well-known user flows have to be changed and enhanced with new authentication options may also pose significant challenges for developers. They have to get it right - and make it as simple as possible for the end user.

 In this talk, we highlight possible pitfalls and necessary considerations when implementing passwordless FIDO and WebAuthn protocols. You will recognize how a cloud-native approach can simplify the integration of passwordless authentication and smoothen the requirements for developers and product owners of any online service. You’ll also learn how to gradually migrate existing users to the new authentication methods in a frictionless manner.

Join us to explore three possible abstraction layers we’ve identified to take the complexity away when dealing with FIDO and passwordless multi-factor authentication. Ranging from utilizing a managed FIDO API and SDKs up to a fully-fledged passwordless-native identity provider that can be integrated with OpenID Connect. We also will share some secrets on useful extensions of the FIDO standards we’ve identified when building our passwordless user experiences.

 Felix Magedanz, founder and CEO, Hanko.io

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FIDO à la Carte
May 12, 2023

Finding the right passwordless solution can be a daunting task. Searching the web for a passwordless authentication solution will present many options for various use cases. With so many options, how do you choose the solution that best meets your requirements?

This presentation will help guide you through the different FIDO standards, Passkeys and provide real-world examples of how they are being used today. We'll explore the benefits of FIDO, including increased security and improved user experience, and discuss the challenges and limitations.

If you're ready to say goodbye to passwords and embrace the future of passwordless authentication, join us and learn how to find the right FIDO solution for your passwordless needs.

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Andrew Shikiar - Moving Beyond Passwords with Standards-based Strong Authentication
Oct 02, 2018
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The Compelling Case for Risk-Based Adaptive Authentication
Sep 25, 2019

Consumers and employees are increasingly on-the-go, and that means that more transactions and more work originates from the mobile phone. Fraud and data loss rates have also been rising. A plethora of mobile-based digital identity technologies have entered the market over the last few years to help businesses and other organization meet these challenges.

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Passwordless update - News from FIDO
Nov 25, 2021

Inconvenient and weak digital identity affects our digital economy.  Adding more band-aids to the legacy knowledge-based digital identity infrastructure isn’t effective anymore.  

The FIDO Alliance introduced standards for possession backed authentication which are now supported by all major platforms.  Additionally,  the Alliance is developing new standards for document based ID verification and passwordless device onboarding.

With standardized approaches supported by the ecosystem, we have all ingredients for a wholesale upgrade to the “fabric of identity” in our hands.  It is on us to use them.

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Solving New Authentication Challenges While Finding Parity Between User Experience and Security
Jan 16, 2019

In an increasingly hostile world, where you don't know who to trust, companies still need to be able to deliver trusted, personalized experiences for users, without making them jump through hoops to prove who they are.