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We’re Gonna Need an even Bigger Boat: How Pervasive Digital Transformation, Nation State Actors, and Open Code Repositories Mandate a Reinvention of Identity

Alex Weinert
Director of Identity Security
Alex Weinert
Alex is the Director of Identity Security at Microsoft. Billions of users sign in to millions of apps almost 20B times a day on our identity platform; the Identity Security team protects them from unauthorized access, account takeover, and abuse. If you have signed into Xbox, Skype, Outlook,...
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Steve Tout - Risk Aware IAM for an Insecure World
Sep 23, 2017

In a world full of uncertainties and data breaches, Identity and Access Management (IAM) must deliver more than ever, faster than ever, for businesses to succeed at building trusted relationships and delighting customers at every interaction. With such large-scale breaches becoming commonplace, it is more important than ever to integrate threat intelligence insights proactively into authentication workflows. Risk aware IAM requires business processes to be enhanced by deeper integration with modern security solutions and automated within an organization’s security operations center for rapid visibility, to continuously assess what is going on, and increase speed to resolution. Risk comes from many different angles; to be effective, risk insight must be more than an entry on an Excel spreadsheet. The transformation of risk insight into policy enforcement in real-time is an evolution for most companies, and it is one that must be realized for IAM programs to deliver more value to the business.

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The End of the Password – How to Really Protect Digital Identity
Nov 13, 2018

In the digitalized world, passwords are not sufficient anymore to protect digital logins and transactions. What’s even worse: In 81 percent of all cases, they are the main reason for a hack. Once a password is stolen, it opens the doors to fraudulent use and data theft. Furthermore, since most consumers link their online accounts at Amazon, eBay or Twitter to their Facebook or Google account, attackers only have to hack one password in order to gain access to the entire range of applications. This also enables them to easily compromise the complete digital identity of a user. All these examples show, that passwords are outdated. Their single application for the protection of digital identities is not only careless, but very harmful. However, there is a remedy, which is reliable and widely available today: the 2- or multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA). Providers of online portals and services can offer their users a broad range of easy-to-use tokens, which relieve consumers of the burden to remember another password – from push tokens that only have to be confirmed by tapping the “OK” field on the smartphone’s touchscreen to scanning a QR code with the smartphone’s camera. In his presentation, Dr. Amir Alsbih explains the latest challenges and solutions in the protection of digital identities and illustrates how consumers can benefit of new MFA technologies.

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The Year of Connected Identity: Bringing it all Back Home
May 09, 2023

Cybersecurity practitioners agree that Identity is now at the heart of everything we do.  A variety of inescapable forces have brought us to this point and our success in the next years depends critically on how well we exploit the strategically placed Identity center piece.  Rising to this challenge requires our accumulated business analysis and deployment experience as well as the power of modern Identity platforms.  Critical to realizing this vision is an integrated set of connected identity services that communicate seamlessly within the identity fabric but also across the wider Cyber security ecosystem. One Identity lives and breathes connected Identity, and we are happy to share our experience helping organizations achieve value from connected identity security models.  Whether you are struggling to integrate your existing Identity silos, wondering what Zero Trust means for identity or looking to new Identity services like PBAC and decentralized identity, One Identity's innovative approach and design patterns shared in this session will be of interest.

  • Connect your Identity services to each other
  • Connect your Identity Services to key systems and platforms
  • Exploit platform capabilities to ease integration
  • Go beyond point to point integrations...aim for High Value, Highly Secure Solutions
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Unify Identity and Security to Block Identity-Based Cyber Attacks
Dec 07, 2022

Join security and identity experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and ARCON as they discuss the importance of securing enterprise credentials, explain why a unified identity security approach in line with Zero Trust principles improve security and efficiency, and describe how to combine solutions to address key identity security issues.

John Tolbert, Director Cybersecurity Research at KuppingerCole will cover the background on identity involved data breaches and discuss the need for identity threat detection. He will also describe where identity fits in the MITRE ATT&CK matrix, and how Zero Trust architecture can reduce the threat of attacks involving identity aspects.Gautam Singh Deo, Director Strategic Business Engagements at ARCON will give examples of identity-based attacks, discuss the evolution of the identity landscape, explain the importance of identity-centric security in the context of a Zero Trust, and provide an overview of identity threat detection and response solutions and building a contextual data model.

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Identity as the Key to Zero Trust Maturity
Mar 23, 2022

Okta’s vision is to enable everyone to safely use any technology. Trust is critical to our business and our customers' success. Markus Grüneberg will speak about the modern digital identity and how to use them to build a robust security strategy. In this keynote he will present among maturity stages Okta's role model for Zero Trust. 

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Solving New Authentication Challenges While Finding Parity Between User Experience and Security
Jan 16, 2019

In an increasingly hostile world, where you don't know who to trust, companies still need to be able to deliver trusted, personalized experiences for users, without making them jump through hoops to prove who they are.

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Modern Identity Management: Security Without Compromising Usability
May 04, 2022

In the digital age, effective customer, partner, and employee identity and access management (IAM) is essential to enable secure online transactions, collaboration, and other interactions. But finding the right balance between security and usability has traditionally been challenging and required compromise. However, this is changing.

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Zero Trust: Solving IT Security’s Identity Crisis
May 04, 2018

Although companies are constantly increasing their cybersecurity budgets, this does not seem to help much: each day we learn about new large-scale data breaches. Considering that over 80% of hacking-related breaches leverage compromised user credentials, it’s mindboggling why so many organizations are still focusing on securing their network perimeters.

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Key Requirements for Next Generation MFA
May 11, 2022

In this talk you will learn how MFA can be a foundation for your Zero Trust Initiative