The Unique Challenges of Identity M&A in High-Growth Organizations

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Mergers and acquisitions amongst large, globally-distributed organizations are notoriously complex, error-prone, and resource consuming. But did you know that merging smaller organizations comes with its own set of unique issues and risks? One year ago, Okta announced its acquisition of Auth0. Since then, the combined forces of their internal business systems teams have been working hard to bring the identity and compliance capabilities of the organizations together. The union of these two companies introduced some novel challenges- even for veteran practitioners with experience in IAM mergers at much larger organizations. In this talk Jon Lehtinen will take you on a guided tour of the Okta/Auth0 identity merger from a practitioner’s perspective, and share the learnings, the challenges, and the recommendations for other practitioners tasked with merging the IAM programs within smaller, high-growth companies.

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