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Designing an European Identity Wallet: An overview of UI and UX aspects

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Adrian Doerk
Business Development Manager
Adrian Doerk
Adrian Doerk is specializing on digital Wallets for identity management. He build up the IDunion Consortia and manages the business development for Lissi. He is also sharing insights from the decentralized identity community via SSI Ambassador.
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EUDI Wallet - Critical Success factors for Digital Single Market and Private Sector Use
May 10, 2023

Why the private sector is the major milestone for the European Identity Wallet to succeed ? Let’s discuss:
• Will the current EUDI-wallet enable or hamper eg the banking sector in future (in relation to KYC, Strong Customer Authentication, Payments, ….)?
• Which standards are the right ones to enable eg the travel / mobility sector (mdoc, icao, verifiable credentials)? Which give the most added value?
• How will current private sector wallets at large --like those used in ecommerce-- interact with the EUDI whilst ensuring citizen privacy-by-design?
• Which technologies are at hand to keep our wallets secure and combat identity theft/fraud/threats when Europe has no control over those mobile devices?

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Digital Identity Wallets – How To Evolve SSI To Meet eIDAS 2.0 Regulations
Nov 24, 2021

The presentation will give context on the EU commission announcement of European Digital Wallets and explains what eIDAS 2.0 defines for member states when it comes to digital identities. SSI can be a potential solution, but currently does not meet the eIDAS 2.0 regulation fully. We will explain why and give an idea on how to evolve SSI and create an ecosystem that is compliant with eIDAS 2.0.

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eIDAS 2.0 & Digital Identity Wallet Readiness: What Your Organisation Needs to Know About Digital Identity Wallets
May 12, 2023

The revision of the eIDAS regulation introduces new requirements, challenges as well as opportunities for organisations. In this talk Adrian Doerk provides a structured guidance of aspects organisations need to be aware of to be well positioned in the market. After a general introduction to the eIdAS ecosystem, the focus will be on organisations who want to issue and verify qualified electronic attestation of attributes to/from the European Digital Identity Wallet. 

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The New Digital Identity Wallet for all Europeans: Latest Amendments
May 10, 2022

An impactful 73 pages proposal for amending the 2014 e-IDAS regulation was made in June last year, a.o. providing EU wide wallets for national e-ID’s. Market consultations and impact assessments have been concluded early 2022 and the European Parliament discussed the proposal with experts answering questions parliamentarians had, not without arousing quite some dust.

The EU Digital ID Proposal is powerful, as it is creating a Pan-European wallet for all member states, trying to stay in line with all existing ID initiatives and legislation. Drs. Jacoba Sieders will give you insight into how she foresees the impact of this EU initiative on businesses across Europe as well as globally.

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EU Wallet – eIDAS 2.0: The New European Identity Framework is a Gamechanger
May 10, 2023

The existing eIDAS governance framework for digital identity is fragmented for different regulated markets in different EU countries. Today identity provider solutions for finance, healthcare and other regulated markets follow central approaches for the management of identities and consent in high secure data center environments and using legacy standards (e.g. OIDC, central public key infrastructure).

eIDAS 2.0 creates a EU wide identity ecosystem with adapted new standards, new stakeholders and a focus on using mobile devices. The existing roadmap allows to anticipate three to five years (or more) transition. For banking, insurance, healthcare or the public sector it is time to adopt these standards in their digital transformation strategy.

Based on the Gematik requirements for a federated identity provider with central OIDC compliant resource and authorization server Comuny shifted relevant identity provider functions (data storage + token generation) on the mobile device.

The speakers will describe challenges and solutions for this regulated market. They also discuss the chance to combine existing central OIDC flows with mobile decentral, wallet based principles as a bridge into the new eIDAS 2.0 governance framework. The audience will get a clear understanding about requirements, opportunities and practice details to create the transition into eIDAS 2.0 identity ecosystem.

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The ID-Wallet in Germany’s eHealth Sector from Jan 1st 2024
May 12, 2023

Germany's healthcare sector will introduce its own ID wallet called "Sectoral IDP" for all statutorily insured persons on 01.01.2024. The issuers of the wallet are the health insurance companies, and approval will be granted in accordance with the extensive specifications of gematik (the regulatory authority). The ID attributes are issued by 2 issuers: PID and health insurer. The sectoral IDP is based on the OpenID Connect (core and Federation), Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2) and JSON Web Token (JWT) standards. The presentation will describe the specific gematik requirements for product and operations of the ID wallet as well as their possible implementation. Despite the closed system in eHealth (Telematics Infrastructure) by definition, bridges to developments of ID wallets outside the sector such as EU, AML and eIDAS will be shown.

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The Digital Identity Wallet - A user perspective
Nov 16, 2023

The promise of the DIW (Digital Identity Wallet), which is inspired by SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity), is to give the user more control of which data they are sharing with whom. But do the users really want this? User control was also the intention behind "The cookie law", which brings up annoying dialogs, where only the most dedicated will do anything but accept the default option. This is very similar to the GDPR consents, where you in most cases have no option but to accept, to be able to continue.

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Digital Identity in Germany
Sep 15, 2021

Explore the:

- Landscape of digital identity in Germany
- Success factors
- Future Outlook

Roland Adrian, CEO, Verimi GmbH
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An ecosystem for trusted identities
May 12, 2022