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Closing Keynote & Announcement of EIC 2022 Gamification Winners

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So thank you Warwick, and thank you to everyone. And unfortunately, Warwick introduced me. Otherwise I would have said photo. I've got to introduce myself I'm to, but, but I'm the real Martin Kuppinger at least, at least as far as I know you, you never know. I think only my mother knows exactly, but that's a totally different abstract at the end. So maybe let's look back a little to this week. I found it a wonderful week. I, I really enjoyed meeting so many, many people in person and it's our, it's just what you, what really makes these these events. I think so, so memorable, all that interaction you have. So as every year at EIC, I want to use the opportunity to look a bit little back on what I've found, being trending. This is clearly an, a personal biased perspective, but I think it is one that is maybe also interesting to you.
And so as usual, I picked three scenes and the first one is that I, so I had a lot of talks. I listened to a lot of talks. I participated in a couple of presentations and panels, which were really about integrating the decentralized centralized identity. And this is I think, a, a very important evolution we have. So we, we have been talking here at EIC about decentralized entities since the beginning of that concept. And decentralized entities always were something which is sort of emerging becoming more mature, but it appeared always a little bit as there's a world of decentralized identity. There's the traditional identity access management. And this time there were a lot of conversations about how to unite these concepts. And it is, this is I think very, very important as a message. It is definitely not, or it is. And these concepts can work together.
Decent identities will help further evolve what we do in identity and access management. And there's a strong relationship. And the evolution of standards like around ID connector center will further help to drive forward this integration. So it's nothing where an organization needs to make a decision between two things. It is about a continuous evolution and decentralized identity concepts help you to do a lot of things better than we could do them and can do them in the traditional identity management world. But it's an evolution. It's an integration. And this is I think, a very important aspect of what we discussed here. And to me, that means also decentralized identities are becoming part of the real business world. So they are here. They are mature enough to stay and to be used. And I think this is really a tipping point in that evolution of decentralized identity, which I believe is super important.
We could talk about the return of policy based identity and access management. I'd like to bring up the term of exact mold once again. So exact mold was a topic which was discussed in the early days of EIC by it intensely as an idea of how can I provide access at runtime trust in time based on policies that are easy to describe that can be managed by business. And then it became a little quiet for a couple of years. And now we see a strong uptake again, in this concept towards policy based authentication authorization specifically. So, and authorization is still a little bit this, yeah, that area of identity management where we didn't do enough, maybe on most many organizations told me, oh, we first must get authentication done well. And then we can really focus on authorization in detail. And I think we are making massive brokers here also with, with new concepts, with new technologies.
And it's an important level user because it will help us to get better in authorization and policy based access control and trust and time access, getting rid of standing entitlements, standing privileges over the time, which are cause of many of the challenges we have in identity management. So if we have lesser steady entitlements, we have lesser issues with re-certification no one likes to do re-certification which anyway, mostly is rubber stemming. So I think we need to pay a lot of attention. This policy based theme, I believe this will be even bigger way bigger in 2023 and last not least a third theme I'd like to bring up is identity proofing and fraud reduction. In fact, in are two themes and I couldn't really make a, a decision here. So I'll played a little round with the end and put them together by, by the way reduction.
Anyway, we will need way more and better and do more identity proofing in the world of decentralized identity, because this are one of the most important trust anchors a lot will happen. I believe over the next one or two or three years also by integrating government issued IDs into the concept of decentralized identity, but also relying like in the panel today about the game network, relying on other strong providers of proof and we need a fraud reduction. So I think everyone has seen some of these surveys about which share which ratio of the cyber attacks are in some way, identity related, many start with fishing attacks, which obviously are identity related.
We need to continue our journey on fraud reduction, not only at ESC, but over the past years though, I've, I've seen way more conversations happening around fraud reductions outside of the finance industry. So for the finance industry, it's, I would say nothing new, maybe not always done as good as it could be, but it's an established concept. And I think many of you already have experienced fraud reduction. I once ID in long where I tried to connect to a, in the age of, of wifi where you had to pay for, I tried to connect to the wifi and they asked before the last digits of my bank bank account. Unfortunately it was the corporate credit card and the corporate bank account. I didn't have the, the number of the bank account mine. So this was fraud reduction in that case, it reduced, unfortunately not only the fraud, but also the usability, but we are getting what have gotten much better on debt in, in, in really reducing fraud in technologies.
We have technologies that, that run the background that also look at behavioral aspect, et cetera. So it's, I think one of these big themes also we are seeing, and there are a ton of other topics we can look at. So I had so many discussions about so many different subjects that it's really difficult to pick three of them, but clearly these are some of the, the major trends I see in our industry and where I see a lot of innovation happening and a lot of evolution and happening, and which all are extremely relevant for businesses in the digital age to go back to what I talked about in my, during my opening keynote, the ability to work in different networks of identities is essential in the digital age. Being able to, to be agile by just adapting a policy, instead of complex changes to entitlements is essential in the digital age, the ability to prove and to reduce fraud is essential in a digital age where our business is at risk because it's lives in the form of digital services, which are unfortunately under attack. So all of these things have a direct relation to what is relevant to the digital age.
I'll stop here with these trends. We could, as I said, talk more about all the things we discussed during EIC, but these are three of the main topics here. So let's move forward to we probably what probably the reason for, for most of you, which are still in the room, that is the gamification. So as every year in the past years, we had this gamification, I think we packed or put together some, some interesting packages here for the winners. So the VIP package, all for EIC 2023, the, the whip package for the first place in platinum with flight or the first last train ticket hotel recommendation ticket, welcome card, the second place, hotel ticket, etcetera, and the third place. So this is what we offered and we saw quite a number of you spending some effort and that, and so I'm proud to announce the winners here for the first place, the second place and the third place. So I started with the third place and the winner here is Stefan bottles of Winnek. The second place is a little bit split because we had three, which ended at the exact same level, which are Michel of Phillip and Raj of Accenture and the, of triple ID.
What did they,
I don't know exactly what they did, but at least they, they had the same number of points. I think we need to bring up some more questions, some more difficult questions here next year to, to avoid these scenarios. And last, at least number one, the first place has gone to Alexei fun from trust builder. So these are the winners you ask, whether they must share a room. I think we will decide about this later on. Yeah. Right now I got it, you know, later. Yeah. Interest interesting thought. Yes. Maybe you also get a shark ticket. So what else? Thank you to our sponsors without our sponsors. And by the way, without our attendees, without the speakers, without everyone, EIC would not be what EIC is. And by the way, also, maybe at that point when we are starting to say, thank you, I just thing is running fast here. And it's not me. I think it was something with, maybe I can't stop it here. Going back. Thank you to the sponsors. Yeah, it stays here. Good. Okay. Let's go to slide number eight, but anyway, it's a good opportunity to also say thank you to our team, because there,
There are a lot of people in our team who spend a lot of effort in organizing and speaking and doing social media and all the other activities required to make this event what EIC is. So thank you very much and okay, right now, I see what is there because my, the, the previous screen has changed a little anyway. I said, thank you to the sponsors. And it's really great to have so many of you here. And I hope we see some of you also at our cybersecurity leadership summit in November, also in Berlin, also in hybrid went and you, you know, you only see that one. I see a lot of action on my previous screen for PowerPoint here. I'm not sure what the guys are doing that, but anyway, thank you to our te team for the technical part, because they also do an incredible drop here.
And the hybrid event is not easy to run with all the sort of life transmissions, all the stuff across five tracks and these things. So in November, we will have our cybersecurity leadership summit also fully hybrid event in Berlin, which will be then more in the cybersecurity end of things, truly as an interesting event. And I've got this question a couple of times over the past few days, where's EIC 20, 23 will be here again. And the answer is, yes, it'll be here again. It will be more or less the same date, just one day earlier. So it'll be May 9th to May 12th next year, also Tuesday to Friday, and hope to see you again next year, our European identity conference. Same when you,
How do I make the conference so far? Well, first of all, it's in Berlin.
Hmm. Excuse me. That must, but it okay. Okay. Yes, it will be here. It'll be same when you same town again in the early may timeframe, I'm really looking forward to reunite with you again. And that brings us, I think, with the next click to video and probably that was where your voice came from. We have a video of Catrina right now. No, no we, but not only of, so we have this video and maybe it starts maybe not. I, yeah, here we go. Oh,
How do I like the conference so far? Well, first of all, it's in Berlin. It's one of my favorite cities in the world.
I've been to MUN a few times and I thought every big city is the same, but no, it definitely is in Berlin. Something, something
Else there, my life philosophy is everyone should lose some of their youth in Berlin and not tell anyone what they did. So how fantastic to be able to come here every year from now on I'm
Fell in love with the city. Of course,
It's very good, very
Speaker 10 00:17:33 Good. It's been wonderful so far. There's a lot of good content and topics.
It is amazing. I mean, I am energized by the people and the, the energy of the event.
Speaker 11 00:17:42 One of the best EICs to date, I'm mostly here to see the advancement of a number of initiatives, which have been occurring in Europe and saw the gain initiative for example, and the opend connector that had a workshop.
So the, I think the important thing about AIC in terms of topics is it's this evolution of what's leading edge and bleeding edge.
Speaker 12 00:18:08 Zero trust has been a topic of the recent years, I guess. And I would really like to see some of the use cases and some of the presentations around that topic,
Speaker 10 00:18:18 ITT D R and governance and privilege exist management.
Speaker 13 00:18:23 There is a lot of excitement around decentralized identity, self sovereign identity.
Anything that somehow relates to a blockchain application.
Speaker 14 00:18:30 One of the things that I've been really focusing on is zero trust,
Speaker 15 00:18:35 Best practices around consultation access and all this orientation around the cloud.
All these authentication authorization and, and cm topics are very relevant.
Speaker 12 00:18:47 It's definitely something that can be integrated in, in my job as well.
Speaker 11 00:18:51 I can bring home the latest as in here, you can get with zeitgeist of identity. And so I try to bring this back to my company and help help basically our strategies to be on top of it. We
Speaker 15 00:19:06 Are looking for what to extend our platform, to know what are the best, the best practices. So it's really a place to
Be. I learned so much and actually more than I expected to learn
Here, validating something you're working on. And then the possibility of what is emerging.
Yeah. Networking is definitely very good. I, I like that the new companies come here.
Speaker 12 00:19:27 It's great. It's, it's always lovely to come here. You can always meet the nice people. You can always interact with them on the topics that you are interested
Speaker 11 00:19:36 In. I think the main word that comes to mind is constructive,
Speaker 13 00:19:40 Vibrant, lively, and exciting
Buzzy. Well, it's hard in one word, but dynamic
Speaker 15 00:19:46 Sky is limit.
I think it reaches all the aspects of identity and that's very good.
Speaker 12 00:19:52 A lot of positive energy.
The first word that pops in mind is exotic. It's something that I have a feeling that I will be a long attendee of in the future as well.
Speaker 10 00:20:02 It's lively, it's timely. It's amazing. Great content. And yeah, I'm looking forward to EIC 20, 23.
It's great to be back.
So with that, I theoretically would have some other nine minutes, but I think I'll give these nine minutes back to you. Thank you very much for being here. Thank you very much for joining EIC 2022, either on side or online. And we had a huge online participation as well as we had a huge participation here. It's great. Looking forward. As I've said to see you again in Berlin May, 2023. Thank you. And have a safe trip back.

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