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European Identity & Cloud Awards Ceremony

Once again, analysts from KuppingerCole come together to showcase outstanding Identity Management and Security projects, standards and people. The winners will be honored live on stage during the award ceremony.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to your European identity and cloud awards here at the EIC 2022. My name is Lucas ha I'm with cooking a Kohl's media team. And tonight I have the honors of leading you through this evening here in the beautiful city and my hometown of Berlin. It helps me with great pleasure seeing all of you wonderful people here today. And I know that there are many more outside of this whole connected to us digitally. And I mean like there are ly more people connected to us, not necessarily more wonderful people. I work at that across. Don't be upset tonight. We want to celebrate, celebrate not only the people and businesses that made the project possible that we are awarding here tonight, but also we want to celebrate the projects and the possibilities that they give us as a society to improve as a whole. So right now it fills me with great pleasure because we have another anniversary to celebrate tonight. And I'm sure you all are aware of the fact we are celebrating tonight also that the EIC just turned 15 years. There's quite some, yes, you are allowed to clap for that.
Thank you so much. And it's a pleasure having you all here because 15 years, for some, maybe it doesn't seem like that much, but 15 years is quite a lot, especially if you measure it in a human lifetime. I think parents among us and especially the people who planned the EICs past know that 15 years is quite a long time. Imagine next year, the EIC will be legally allowed to drink here in Germany, for example. So be sure to come next year for the next EIC, because that's gonna be a blast and imagine even further into the future 18 years, 21 years, I think we should move to Vegas for the 21st. How about that? I think the us attendees are a great fan of that idea, aren't you? But right now we want to honor and shine a big spotlight on the outstanding and forward thinking project that made a big difference in the world of identity access management and all of its related, fascinating faces and starting off with our first award category. I would like to invite our senior Analyst Matthias. Reinwarth up to the stage to announce our winners and our first category that is identity fabrics and IDAs
Good evening. And thank you, identity fabrics and IDAs is the category. And when is an IM solution worthy of an award in the area of identity, fabrics and identity as service identity and access management solutions, we have to be honest, have no merit on their own. They rather enable value creation when supporting the translation of systems and solutions within the digital transformation, well designed and delivered identity projects contribute to successful businesses. They meet all requirements, achieve their goals in time or faster. And they do this within our global economy. They provide trusted, reliable and scalable services, identity, cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance services. Why identity fabric and IDAs the co coal Analyst identity fabric paradigm illustrates this very clearly enabling efficient, secure, and compliant access for all identities involved to all systems and resources necessary is the foundation and identity as a service means these services are delivered from the cloud to wherever they are required and they are delivered at scale with the growing complexity of digital services and digital business.
We have received interesting and fascinating applications. The following two projects are definitely worthy an award, according to all of those definitions of both a short summary for the two of them before I name them number one less than two years, 32 countries, 30 organizations, external and internal users, far more than 10 million users. These are the figures for a successful effort to create one single customer identity for a multinational financial organization with strong KYC requirements and a range of different regulatory requirements. Number two started in early 21, 20 21, this single digital mobility services platform for B2B B2C and B2B two C has already onboarded 25,000 B2B accounts and 5 million B2C accounts. As of now expected to double soon creating a service platform that addresses the challenges in digitalizing mobility with unified identities and high identity assurance levels is a true business enabler for many organizations, the winners for the EIC 2020 award for best identity fabrics and IDAs project are information represented by the CEO of and BMI represented by Mr. Yours Luter product owner and identity and access. Please come to the stage, share a few words.
Thank you.
I'm really very happy and delighted to be here and to get this, this award in, to be very honor, to get this award in a very particular phase of our project, I would like to thank to thank at first my team and we were, who were involved since the beginning and some of them are following us online, also our great partner and advisor Auxilium and, and his team, which is, is here also. And of course, cap Analyst for their confidence, their relevance analysis for, for this projects and others. Maybe I will just share with you very quick overview view of AI EAI, more French speakers. So EAI is a subsidiary of global financial group, mainly working in different fields in banking, insurance loans, leasing transport also, and present in different countries, mainly in Africa, Europe, Asia, and north America. And we are as AI, the, the, the technical it service provider for the whole group.
So managing the it of all those subsidiaries. And we launched few recently, less than two years ago, in fact, services around around identity and access to support the digital strategy of all our, our customers. So we, we, we launch different use cases for online onboarded authentication for transaction many transfer using all this, this platform, and to be here, to be honest, give us new challenges to face new vision around what will be, what will happen in a few months and years to come. So thank you all for your generosity and for cheering with us all this vision, which which will be for sure, impacting our next project project and also to enhance and improve our customer, our, our user experience. In fact, thank you very much. Thank you.
Well, it's amazing. Our project has been recognized. We're doing a project well, as you mentioned for a Porwal where we connect consumers and business. And as you know, identity is a very important part of the, the trustworthiness of a Porwal. So we are very glad we can do this. We're working together, integrating different systems. We're very proud of our collaboration with one welcome, but also of course, our team at B ma our partners UHCs Pega systems. So we are very glad we can well do this. And it's very, very nice to receive this award and recognition. Thank you very much.
And without further ado, we would like to continue with the next category, and that is the category, future technologies and standards. And for that, I would like to invite our senior Analyst Warwick Ashford to the stage.
Well, with the rates of technological change, continuing to accelerate the future technologies and standards, EIC award is dedicated to projects focusing on leading edge technology innovations or new innovative standards that will revolutionize industries around the globe. Specifically, we were looking for new technological approaches or standard that is likely to become essential in the world of identity and access management with a special focus on adoption and innovation. This year's winner is an open source project comprising a policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the cloud stack and a high level declarative policy language, which is a modern form of Zam co Cole has a strong focus on policy-based access controls. And we believe the winning project represents a breakthrough in policy-based access control, practical and scalable in the modern world of hybrid. And multi-cloud it environments. We see the winning project as a significant step forward and a fitting successor to previous winners, including Fido open ID connect, OAuth, web Orth, N, and skim this year's winner, not only addresses one of the major gaps in IM, which is around authorization policy based access control and policy based access management in cloud native environments.
But it has also seen significant adoption, which is an excellent measure of its value and effectiveness. This winning project was accepted by the cloud native computing foundation in March, 2018, and reached graduated project maturity in February, 2021 in recognition of its widespread adoption, open governance process, feature maturity and strong commitment to community. Since 2018, there's been consistent growth in community interaction with the project. And by the beginning of this year, the project had received more than 6,000 GitHub stars. There were more than 5,600 slack users engaging with it, and it had been downloaded more than 130 million times. It is also used in production by organizations like Goldman Sachs, Netflix, Pinterest T-Mobile, and many others. We believe this is a breakthrough project because it also allows developers in DevOps teams to use policies for managing access controls across the entire cloud native stack. It supports a single policy language, policy model, and policy API for every product and service in effect. This enables flexible, fine grained access control across microservices, Kubernetes C I C D pipelines, API gateways, and more by decoupling policy from code to enable developers to release, analyze, and review policies without impacting availability and service
For its outstanding innovation. And the fact that it deals with a specific type of complexity. The winner is open policy agent open and its ego policy language. And to accept the award on behalf of the projects team is gust head of
Big thanks to copping a code for the excellent award, but even bigger, thanks to all of the community, all of the closing into 6,000 people on our slack channel and all other contributors has helped us build the Uber during the years from 2016 when we actually started. And it's really, really feels that it's good to see all here again. So we are really, really seeing this taking off. And it's been extremely hap to meet you, to talk about this project and to see the interest is actually gaining in the identity community because OPPA was first embraced a little bit more on the developer side, but now we see more and more identity interest. So it's really, really happy to be here and proud to announce this, or actually accept this on behalf of the open source project.
You so much Warwick and congratulations for that. That was quite witty and quite pretty, if I might say so. And we'd like now to continue with our next category, that is enterprise I am. And for that, I hope that our lead Analyst, Paul Fisher is ready to join me on stage.
Speaker 10 00:17:20 Good evening.
Speaker 10 00:17:23 This category, as you just heard is for the enterprise IAM. We had such a great response to this, that we've actually got two winners this year and toward 2, 2, 2 projects, we believe reflects the growing level of innovation and outside of the box, thinking that major organizations are now applying to their IAM projects in the age of cloud first digital transformation, but it's especially pleasing to me that these awards have gone to two long established industrial giants that would probably be considered pretty non-digital native and are both are both involved in large scale manufacturing across multinational sites. Both are now like everyone having to plan heavily plan for the digital future in both the products they sell and their own operations putting identity first is a crucial step in a successful transformation, but is obviously not without its challenges, especially when applied to these kind of multinational corporations. You can imagine with thousands of employees, third parties, and complex supply chains, the challenges that they had include simplifying existing. I am processes eradicating some legacy bottlenecks and improving security while also enabling a widely distributed distributed workforce to perform at their best and to provide secure access to hundreds of applications and resources to do this on a global scale as these businesses have, is even more impressive key to both projects was a smooth integration of offboarding and onboarding employees, ticketing requests for it support, et cetera, both projects also had a positive effect on improving data governance and compliance processes, which is, which is fantastic.
Speaker 10 00:19:40 It's therefore gives me great pleasure to announce the joint winners of this award. And the winners are Airbus and a, B, B have the mark. Who's a product owner. And of course, Stephan who's from a B if you'd like to say a few words,
Speaker 12 00:20:29 Can you Smith for me? Yes.
Well many thanks for, for that. I haven't really expected that when we applied for this one, it was like doing a nice reflection of the last two years and which is sometimes nice doing that. Yeah. Doing a project for two years and just bringing it onto a paper with a few slides. Yeah. It's like, what is it that you have done in these two years? And honestly, I think it is something great what the, the pro whole project team has done. When I was asked two years ago, if I would've liked to run that I was really struggling with that. It was like, why the hell should I do that? We have, they made so many tries in this company already. And well, they failed. So why is the hell, should I be the next one in this gallery and saying, well, you failed with this approach. On the other side, it was like, well, there was this, I think it is something we can do now. The time is right for that. And the, and I think that's what it is. So we have shown in this last two years with the great project teams supported by a partners by discovery Accenture, and also our partner service now clear sky that we can do it. And we are on a good journey in while at the moment. So many thanks for that to all of you. Great. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you step.
Speaker 13 00:21:54 Thank you everyone. And thank you for the jury for this, for this award. Well, appreciate it. We started this journey with, with our partner and variety a few years ago, like about five years, it's been quite a journey, but we, we enjoyed it a lot. We, we now have a built tool that manage more than our familiar identities across the entire groups, and we've improved our, our joiner movers and levers processes across the entire company in order to sustain new ways of walking. So thank you to the team for trusting and walking together to achieve this goal. Thank you to our IM colleagues because we could not have done it together for sure. And thank you to empower ID for partnering with us during this, this great journey. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you. And congratulations. And right now we come to our next category, which is verifiable credentials and decentralized identity for that I want to invite our senior Analyst, Annie Bailey, to this stage.
Speaker 14 00:23:28 It is an honor to be presenting an award for the successful use of verifiable credentials and decentralized identity. This domain has from day one champion, the principles of privacy and user control in a world that has often overlooked those qualities. It is therefore incredibly gratifying to see successful projects that deliver value and valuable business advantages, which will ultimately determine the survival of idealistic technology as well as advancing the agency of the individual. And since much of the research press and buzz around verifiable credentials and decentralized identity does focus on the privacy aspects. It becomes all the more important to recognize the business value in successful projects. Communication is key. Why not communicate between organizations? So that identity that has already been proved by one can be accepted by the other verifiable credentials work to enable a credential, to be issued by one entity so that another entity may receive it and independently verify that it is valid.
Speaker 14 00:24:44 Imagine the opportunities that open up when that communication channel is fully utilized near instant onboarding without always having to provision for partners, contractors, freelancers, or your customers, and when necessary an an auditable trail of who issued what speed is also something that cannot be undervalued the time lost when doing pre-employment checks, identity proofing, or any other credential verification can be severe for an organization. A large public institution estimated that 100,000 working days per year are lost to pre-employment checks affecting even those internal members who are just transferring to a different location or department. This translates to time and costs saved when reusable verifiable credentials can be appropriately provide the verification and qualifications quickly and even remotely. So we received many notable nominations for this category and the selected winners were chosen based on their innovative and unique application of verifiable credentials. The ability of the project to scale is complexity and the completed status of the organization. We had two winners in this category, and so I'm pleased to announce that the winners are NHS and Cita. So let's welcome. Pilgram
Speaker 15 00:26:47 Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. And just would like to say, well, the, the beginning of this was a vision, really a vision that well, we were looking at international travel and how we could really digitalize every step of the, of the trip of the, of the travel with verifiable credentials using decentralized identity. And I think the benefit of course, of airline airports, government, everybody that's involved, but then COVID came massive disaster in the transport industry. And well, we realized that what was a vision really turned into a necessity for the, for the industry. And, but that necessity turned into a reality thanks to, to this project. So I would like to thank very warmly. He CEO of inicio and hollow team, the really magicians that that could make it happen building day after day on these, I would like to thank very warmly Yuri Fe present also in the, in the, in the room really, and, and all the team in the, the government of Aruba. They really seen innovation that everything they were, they were doing there were such great partners in this, in this initiative. Also, I would like to thank the whole open source community because really this has been built on top of that. And, and finally, I would like to thank all the, all my colleagues at Cita and especially Cita lab. I think we were very all excited about, about this. So MEK
Speaker 17 00:28:44 I'm great.
Speaker 14 00:28:50 And Phil Graham, you're also here with us virtually if you'd like to share a few words,
Speaker 16 00:28:56 Danker. So thank you very much for the honor of this award. I'm sorry, I can't you in person, but I, you all have a great, I have nothing to hold up. So I thought I'd hold up by the last city. It is. So the award is Testament to the hard work of all the team and the openness in which we work towards a common goal, a very difficult period. I'm sure you all remember COVID and thanks go, especially to NHS, England and improvement and our prime contractor site kit, and all the NHS organizations took part in enabling our staff to, to move around the system again at, at that very difficult time. And of course, thanks, go to the passport provider, Evan, who are now part of the Avast group and the passport that we used, connect.me and who nominated for this award. So the next stage is for us in enabling staff movement is, is again to work together on a strategic digital staff passport, you know, identity is not a silo proprietary product.
Speaker 16 00:30:03 We need to work together to, to enable all the movement of our staff. And to that end, you are all welcome to join us with a luon on the 25th of May in, in the near future. Look me up on Twitter at Phillip Graham NHS, and you'll find some details there. Again, like I said, we need people to work together. We need the whole community to work together towards this common goal. So people again are at the heart of identity and at the heart of everything. And we must not forget that. So again, thank you very much for this award. And again, I will raise my empty glass and take care and do all work together. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Any congratulations and oh, not congratulations anymore, too late for that. Now for our second to last category, please. Senior Analyst, Mike Small, could you join me on stage to present our winners, the customer and civil education.
Speaker 18 00:31:13 Hello, good evening. I'm Mike Small. Do you know that I've got an airline loyalty card? I've got a hotel loyalty card. I've got a supermarket loyalty card. I've got a passport, I've got an account on Amazon, but there's only one person who really knows who I am and that's my mother and she's dead.
Speaker 18 00:31:37 Everything else is processed and documentation and technology. And that's not a simple problem to accurately identify people at that kind of scale is really important to retailers. It's really important to your security and to your banking. And I have an acquaintance. Who's the technology disruptor. He refuses to have a bank card, he's a lawyer. And so he likes his wine and he will periodically go and bumper by some wine in the supermarket. And at that point, when he comes to check out, he doesn't have a card. So he'll say to the person behind, would you like to use my card? Because he knows that will confuse the customer loyalty systems. And this is a small example of the kind of challenge that are faced by large scale identity systems. And these have the objective of, like I said, avoiding fraud fraud, providing frictionless services to consumers and to citizens whilst meeting all the regulatory requirements that these require and at the same time scaling to tens of millions of identities and millions of authentications per day, and is not just the running of the system that matters.
Speaker 18 00:33:15 It's also increasingly the problem of how you migrate and how you expand these, the, these systems. So that is why this is such a really important segment. And KuppingerCole have looked at many of the vendors in this market and looked and assessed them against their innovation, their scaling, their complexity and their uniqueness. And so from the contenders, I'm pleased to say that I can say we have the Schwartz group Cal fund in Germany, which we chose for the scale of their approach and their complex environment. And so that is Mr. Navi Naren department, director of marketing systems, but we have more, we also have Banko Dedo in Chile who worked with interest for a very large scale system, providing incredibly efficient issuance of some 7 million customers to a cloud based system. And finally there is national net London Belo, and this is in conjunction with PWC, for their strong know your customer and onboarding processes, which provided a very scalable, flexible and well thought out solution. So with that, I'd like to invite Mr. Nav, Ravi Nadon from Calin, Mr. Miel, Aldo Miel Tosha from bank Bango Dedo who is virtual and Mr. Ronald van rest the product owner of the digital foundation, core platform, data and access team at national national London. Please, would you give a round?
Hello? Thank you. And thank you very much, Mike. I am pretty impressed by your speech, and now I also know your identity. Okay. I'm privileged to be here on behalf of Cal land and Schwarz group. So in group, we normally do quite a lot of, you know, it projects, you know, of various magnitude and for different fields of operations, like, you know, Cal plan, little in retail and food area, and then show us production for the food production and then pre zero in the field of waste and recycle management. And this nomination is for the Cal land card loyalty program, which you know, where we actually did a project to do a unified identity across all channels with the help of the innovative cloud identity and access management platforms feed us. And I would like to thank, you know, TBH for helping us in, you know, making this implementation possible.
And I also would like to thank the team behind, you know, on behalf of them, I'm collecting this. So this is for you guys to add to that, that, you know, we are also having lot of other projects running in our organization in the identity and access management plus unified customer account, all built on top of, you know, C together with, with us, the MBA, and more to say that we also work on many different technology out there and every enthusiastic, you know, technocrats are also welcome to enjoy this. And thanks. Thank you very much.
Speaker 19 00:38:17 All right. This is an absolute honor, but I'm not gonna do this one alone. I would like to also welcome my colleague boss Carper here on stage. He's also a product owner and we're in this together. So definitely come up here because we, and we're not alone here either. And there's actually a whole group of people that actually deserve this honor. It's all of our team members that are right now watching online this livestream and really so humble and grateful that I, that we can really work together with them.
Speaker 20 00:38:54 So give them our wave. Excellent.
Speaker 19 00:39:00 So first and foremost, we would like to thanks to all our vendors. So that specifically is for truck transmit security, but obviously also Pricewater Coopers. So PWC in, in helping us go through throughout this journey. And second of all, also our management that ignited this park with all of our team members as well. They're fully passionated people that really drive us as here and last but not least the absolute rock stars that you just met on this very small screen are developers because these guys they're really open. They talk to each other, they don't see each other's failures as an, a mistake as a failure. And we learn from them basically. And we have a lot of fun because that's what really is so important is that we do this together with a lot of passion. And that is what makes district,
Speaker 20 00:39:58 Don't forget our scrum
Speaker 19 00:39:59 Master as well. And the scrum master. Yeah, absolutely. Right. Thank you.
Speaker 21 00:40:11 I think we have one last minute. So maybe you want to say something as well. What's her name?
Speaker 18 00:40:24 Yes. So Mr. Eduardo Migo, please. Would you like to say something sir?
Speaker 22 00:40:33 Afternoon?
Speaker 18 00:40:35 Yes, we can. You very well.
Speaker 22 00:40:39 On behalf of banal, I want to thank interest for this commission. I believe that this achievement is proud of the great work area between banal and interest. We are happy for this award. Thank you very much.
Speaker 18 00:41:00 You, sir. Thank you. You're welcome.
Thank you so much, Mike, and congratulations to all of you. And I right now realize that there's one thing that all the money into word couldn't buy that is Mike Small's positive attitude on stage God, that man is a sweetheart.
Speaker 22 00:41:30 We,
We are coming to our last CA category. That is the identity startup of the year for that no one else, but our founder and principal Analyst, Martin Kuppinger is doing the award.
Speaker 23 00:41:56 So welcome. I think this is one of the, the really tough categories, cuz there are so many great companies emerging in the identity space. And so I'm doing cooking a cold for 18 years, I think right now. And I've seen many, many startups. So picking the one for this year is something where I really, where we, and, and I, we all had to think about. And so what are things I'm I'm we are looking at the one is startup. Then it must be about innovation and it must be about sort of valuable innovation that helps us solving things, solving challenges that are around that many of organizations out there are facing and where this innovation shows a strong potential of making things better. And so when I, or when we made the final decision here, so the challenge we looked at is identity data sprawling across silos and being needed in many places.
Speaker 23 00:43:22 How do you get this done? When there are more and more silos in the new world of the cloud and in the traditional world and data needed everywhere from old to new, from new to old. And so identity orchestration and addressing a challenge here is what we finally looked at and where we said, this is from our perspective amongst the many really great or companies, we are seeing our identity startup of the year. And so the winner this year is sorry. I have to stay here. I'm so used to run around with a microphone. Honestly, the winner is strata and the representative, the representative is Mr. Cherry Gable, head of standards who will try
Speaker 24 00:44:30 And us virtually
Welcome. Trey,
Speaker 25 00:44:43 Thank you so much, Martin, I'm honored and excited to accept this award. On behalf of my colleagues in particular, I wanted to accept on behalf of our founders who saw the need in the industry to address these growing identity requirements by orchestration in a multi-cloud world. So thank you to EIC and the awards committee for this for recognizing strata as identity startup of the year and congratulations to all the other recipients. And of course enjoy the 15th anniversary dinner tonight. Thank you so much, Martin,
Congratulations to strata and Martin, before you wander off, we got a little something for you in store and you're, if you could also please join us right now on stage cuz as said, we all have our 15th anniversary, it wouldn't be a real anniversary without a little surprise. And we got something in store for you. And that I hope is already ready backstage.
Speaker 21 00:45:45 Yes.
Speaker 21 00:45:49 So like, because already said we are celebrating 15 years of EIC now, and that means that you two are celebrating 15 years and I'm happy to and honored of course, to hand over something to you today in the name of the team. And yeah, like Lucas has already mentioned, we have a little surprise for you
Music. This
Speaker 21 00:46:38 Wonderful we vegan cake is definitely delicious and is the top of bigger cake, which you can found downstairs where we now celebrate together with you our 15th anniversary. And thank you so much for being here. And yeah, I dunno if you two, maybe want to say some words because the 15 years
Vegan rules, thank
Speaker 24 00:47:10 You so much for the community to using EIC as a platform to meet each other and to communicate, we are very proud to being able, delivering this platform to you. Thank you so much.
Speaker 23 00:47:29 And I think this is, it's a thank you to the team because it's not your and me, but it's the team and a thank you to all the ones who have been in EIC and who have supported E and which made it great show and made it last already 15 years, many, many years to follow. Thank you very much.
So final. Thank you from my side. And right now it is time for your favorite time. So go outside, grab a friend, get up your colleagues, grab a cold one, have a good night. Thank you all for being here tonight.

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