Patrick Parker - Identity is Not the New Perimeter: Slaying IAM’s Sacred Cows

Identity as the New Perimeter is a sleek and sexy term that seems to perfectly encompass the modern world in which we live dominated by talk of IoT, Cloud, BYOD, Big Data, AI, CIAM, and other buzzworthy acronyms. Unfortunately, it and other equally unquestioned and under-analyzed IAM mantras do more harm than good by oversimplifying and distracting IAM practitioners from the reality of the security threats facing our organizations today. In this session, we will question a number of outdated and inaccurate commonly held IAM beliefs and replace them with actionable and impactful techniques such as Micro-Segmentation, Zone-Based Security, Defense in Depth, Least Privilege and others. We will also highlight the central role of IAM in delivering on these strategies.

Language: English • Duration: 20:37 • Resolution: 1280x720

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