Event Recording

Interview with Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier

Day two of the European Identity Conference 2011
Got it. Okay. Nelson chiquito of AER corporation, your first EIC, how have you liked it? So far?
EIC has been wonderful EIC. 2011 has given AER an opportunity to enter into Europe through the German market. And we've had wonderful meetings with lots of German integrators and partners and met with some customers as well.
What are the questions your customers are asking you?
The biggest question in, in such a crowded space is user provisioning, password management and GRC is what are our unique selling propositions and how is AER differentiating themselves from all of the other vendors in this space?
And how do you differentiate yourself?
The core differences for us is the ongoing maintenance of the products after they're installed is among the lowest in the industry. The actual service revenue component of our products are one third, the cost of the product compared to one to one, compared to one to six, with a lot of our competition, the reason we're able to achieve such great goals is that we've integrated a lot of the core technologies in the box. So it's very easy for people to deploy. We've taken a lot of the stumbling box like workflow, and we've made that very simple for people to deploy very dynamic.
Your boast is that you can come in on Monday and leave the company on Friday and have a complete proof of concept.
That's correct. How
Do you do it? Magic?
No magic. A lot of planning, a lot of cooperation with the customer, making sure that we're able to work with the HR team and the apps team prior to our arrival. And then the product speaks for itself. It's able to integrate with your HR system mutually in the first day and a half. So that full provision deprovisioning is occurring automatically through a roll base or our back type of approach. And then we use the shopping cart to fill in the other gaps or components. And then we have self-service password managements installed usually before lunch, across multiple connectors as 400 SAP, PeopleSoft or etcetera, and then GRCs built into the whole solution. So as you're setting up your workflow and you're assigning your ownership, you're also assigning your ATEST station
Points. Sounds like a message people will like to hear.
I would hope so.
Have you had a chance to sample the local beer yet?
A couple of 'em yes, absolutely. We were at the beard gardens in Munich and also the Hoff opera house.
Very good. Okay. Thanks a lot. Thank you. See you next year. Thank.

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