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Interview with Keith Grayson, SAP

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Britta Simms: Next Generation Cyber Resilient S/4HANA Transformations
Apr 14, 2021

Companies are under attack. More and more attacks result in costly and/or high-profile security breaches.

The world is currently experiencing a wave of digital transformation, that brings with it not only new levels of complexities such as these, but also offers opportunities for organizations to strengthen their cyber resiliency. Accenture, together with strategic partner Onapsis, have developed an integrated approach to deliver security by design to our clients, at any phase of their digital SAP transformation journeys. This Accenture methodology has embedded security concepts as an integral part of the overarching solution – therefore enabling clients to better understand their respective security implications and opportunities in order to effectively “transform”.

In this keynote, Accenture leader Britta Simms, responsible for SAP Platform Security in Europe, will present this joint approach to achieving integrated security by design, as part of the S/4 transformation lifecycle.

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Uncovering the Truth About SAP Identity & Access Management
Oct 08, 2021

Ensuring everyone has access to the right systems and data is critical for security and compliance, but often the management of identity and access in SAP is siloed. A survey by SailPoint Technologies and Turnkey Consulting uncovers the extent to which this is true and points to potential solutions.

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Mastering Today’s SAP Threat Landscape - Joint Interview with Accenture & Onapsis
Apr 14, 2021

In order to effectively protect organizations, the constantly changing threat landscape needs to be understood. Threats could initiate from inside or outside of the organization, targeting the infrastructure, applications or users to obtain business critical data. Our panel discussion will focus on the most recent SAP threats, what’s different with the move to S/4, and valuable lessons learned on the importance of an integrated approach. We will talk with Dr. Rene Driessel – SAP Security Lead DACH at Accenture and Frederik Weidemann – Chief Technical Evangelist at Onapsis, to dive deep into today’s SAP security landscape.

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The CISO Imperative: Taking Control of SAP Cyber Attacks
Sep 30, 2015
It is impossible to overestimate the importance of SAP system security for modern enterprises. SAP solutions are widely used in all industries to store sensitive information and run critical business processes: from Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resources systems to Business Intelligence to Customer Relationship and Supply Chain Management. Constant availability and protection of SAP systems is critical for over 250,000 enterprises around the world, as is their continued visibility and auditability to ensure compliance.
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Analyst Chat #184: Unlock Security for Your Business - Access Control for SAP and Non-SAP Environments
Aug 07, 2023

In this episode of the Analyst Chat podcast, host Matthias Reinwarth invites cybersecurity expert Martin Kuppinger to discuss access control tools for business application environments. They focus on two Leadership Compasses authored by Martin, which provide a comprehensive overview of the market for access control solutions centered around SAP and non-SAP systems.

Martin shares insights on market segments, vendors, product functionality within the access control landscape. They explore innovative approaches to enhancing security, such as access restriction and controlling break-glass access. Furthermore, Martin and Matthias also explore the organizational aspects of access governance in dynamic LoB application environments. They discuss the challenges that arise when transitioning between new vendors, adopting SaaS solutions, and managing access control in multicloud environments.

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Alex Gambill: The Tricky Business of Protecting Your Assets in SAP: A Holistic Perspective
Apr 14, 2021

With 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touching SAP ERP systems, these crown jewels have long been the prime target for cybercrime and internal threats due to Separation of Duties (SOD) risks, weak access controls and lack of identity management and governance. Today, a holistic approach to security in SAP—and other business systems—is not a nice-to-have but a must-have. This session will give attendees a deep understanding of the current threat landscape and a 3600 perspective on what is needed for not only integrated security but also audit and compliance in the complex SAP environment.

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Panel: SAP Security in Context of a Corporate IT
Apr 14, 2021
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Patrick Salyer - The Digital Imperative: Build Trust with Customers, Don't Break It
Oct 02, 2018

Today’s customers, beset with endless choices, expect brands to understand their needs and deliver contextual experiences that reduce stress and increase convenience. But, these same customers don’t want this kind of personalization at any cost. Unfortunately, many businesses still employ “creepy” tactics when marketing to customers, breaking their trust. This, in turn, has led to the GDPR and a slew of newer data protection regulations.

How do you win back the trust of customers and steer clear of regulatory punishment? Join us to learn best practices from CX leaders who have successfully integrated their customer identity solutions with enterprise preference and consent management capabilities. And, how this has enabled them to deliver personalized digital experiences using permission-based, first-party data to build trusted relationships with their customers.

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Quo Vadis SAP?
Jun 06, 2013

KuppingerCole Webinar recording