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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Women in Identity

We are hoping for a very diverse audience. We are addressing everyone who's currently working or planning to work in this space of identity and access management and or security. Our agenda is put together in such a way that it is meant for a very diverse audience. The workshop itself is meant to be inclusive, regardless position or gender or nationality. It should be interesting for everyone, for managers in identity and access management, technical specialists, salespersons, and students, as it is a workshop, we would love to have people who join the entire workshop from the beginning to the end and people who really like to participate and like lively discussions and are very open minded.
So women in identity is a ed nonprofit membership organization. Everyone at every level within women in identity is working on a voluntary basis and our teams are located across the globe. We want to inspire elevate and support a more diverse workforce in the digital identity industry. And I am the women in identity ambassador for the da region, which means Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. And we are now a group of more than 25 women in this network who want to make identity inclusive exchange ideas and discuss further steps to encourage women to get involved in stem. The agenda will be very interesting. We will have short presentations and a fireside chat with discussions with all attendees. The agenda will also include breakout sessions to discuss various topics in depth. For example, technical IM achievements, the future of identity and access management, HR methods in IM programs. And we will present the results of each of the breakout sessions to the entire audience.
Mainly we would like our participants to be excited about the new ideas and the thoughts which were presented in the workshop in which they discussed in the breakout sessions, ideas and thoughts, nurturing a new impulse to contribute, and also knowing how to contribute, to create inclusiveness in the identity access management and security workplace. We would like the people to have a refreshed motivation and a new sense of curiosity for identity and access management and security through new ideas and thoughts, which will be discussed and presented at the workshop.

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