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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Sadrick Widmann

When we talk about identity management, it's many about digital identities, for example, a user logging into an e-commerce shop, but there are different qualities of users. So we at Cedars like to call that, or these qualities trust levels to make this more clear user with a new might be a weak identity, but a user who performed the digital identity verification, like with bank account or something like that is a strong identity. So a user can move easily between trust levels, especially when using features like progressive profiling with which the user can enrich the data or the user data successfully or successfully. And contextually. As an example, a user who's interested in the product and signs up for a newsletter is initially a week at identity, but then becomes a stronger identity when purchasing the product. So what we also completely lose sight of is the real world identity. So let's take a theme park, a user registers in the online shop and buys a ticket. We consider this as a digital identity, but the real about energy comes into play when the user visits the park. So the user authenticates with a personalized ticket at the entrance, or might get a discount in the park during breakfast or something. So then he becomes real world identity,
Considering membership card or personalized tickets. These are authentication options in the real world. Basically we need to achieve a linking of digital and a in
The topic of serenity is a big issue in Europe, especially solutions from Europe are very important considering identity management or other features or other solutions, which are a key for digitalization in the future. In general data protection regulations has changed the game in the last years. It's only, it's not only about legal implications. It's also about transparency and trust toward users. Business needs. So-called real GDPR to establish a trust for relationship in this context, the question of make versus buy author arises. So basic question must be what competitive advantage do I have if I, as a company develop an identity and access management myself, the next question is then what advantage advantage do I have if I run the, I am from in-house, the answer is quite simple. I do not create any benefit by developing or hosting an identity management solution myself, especially with the solutions available today, such as, or others which are available as a cloud service. The decision is clearly with buy
Many factors, have an impact on identity management. First and foremost, I would say the user convenience drive the development in the identity management sector, thereby in particular new authentication methods arise in the last years, making the user experience not only more convenient, but also more secure. In addition, many new touchpoints are arise, both in digital channels, as well as in the real world, such as excess points in the team park stadium or smart factories, all these changes, we must not lose sight of security. In particular, since the challenges in the context of security also have changed or evolved in the same way. One can say identity management is more than the sum of its parts.
Yes. A key development in the evolution of identity management is, or was the cloud with modern cloud solutions, such as Cedars. The topic of identity management has arrived in all companies regardless of size or industry or sector. So in the age of the cloud high cost for software licenses and the operation thing of the past. So considering that the way companies are Indic with customers changed digital channels and services play an important role in the acquisition of prospects and engagement with customers, thereby identity management came a crucial part to offer those services, provide new benefits, create unique selling points, having new touchpoints in place and recognizing the user potential. Sure. So in my keynote, give me 10 minutes. I give you the truth about identity. We'll see that what can be achieved in 10 minutes in the context of identity and access management. So we'll jointly rethink identity management. Why user convenience has become so incredible and so important for both employees as well as partners and customers be it B2 C or B2B, and what will be changing factors in the.

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