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Reduce Certification Fatigue with Effective Role Management

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Benoit Grangé
Chief Technology and Product Officer
Benoit Grangé
Benoit brings over 25 years of experience in leading teams to build world-class products and services focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience and security. Benoit is a technology expert with deep expertise in the design, development and operation of cloud and software Identity...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2023
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Cyber Insurance: Results from a Recent Survey
May 12, 2023

After several tumultuous years, the cyber insurance safety net is in question as costs rise and coverage contracts. Research conducted with IT security professionals to understand the real-life experiences companies have in obtaining and using cyber insurance.In this session we’ll unpack the survey findings and put them in context. Join the discussion to prepare for your next cyber insurance assessment so you end up with coverage and rates that accurately reflect your organization’s risk profile.

Joe Carson will talk about

  • The factors driving the skyrocketing costs of cyber insurance
  • The role Boards of Directors play in driving demand for cyber insurance
  • Fine print to check before finalizing your cyber insurance policy

And help you find answers to these questions

  • What security controls do cyber insurance companies expect you to have?
  • What cyber incidents are excluded from cyber insurance policies?
  • What recovery costs does cyber insurance cover?
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Identity Security Implementation and Deployment in KONE
May 11, 2023

In this talk, Krishna Balan Kannappan will describe Kone´s path to a holistic and integrated Identity Security infrastructure.

  • IDM Deployment in KONE includes Lifecycle management of KONE Internal Users and non person accounts. Automated Processes in IDM ensures that minimum accesses required for Internal Users are granted automatically based on User Attributes and all accesses are removed automatically when user leaves the organization. Non Person accounts are hardened automatically based on the usage.
  • Applications authorization is managed by IDM using various provisioning mechanisms.
  • Applications authentication is controlled by Azure AD, MFA enabled is mandated for all applications and end users.
  • Admin Accounts used for Accessing KONE Infrastructure and Workstations are managed in IDM(Microsoft recommended Tier based model is used).
  • Self Service allows Role Owners and Account Owners to Create Access Reviews, Manage Passwords, Manage Access.
  • KONE SOC team uses IDM for performing emergency actions to disable/enable/reset Password of AD Accounts.

Privilege Access Management:

  • KONE uses PRIVX as the PAM Solution for allowing access to Infrastructure. PAM is integrated with IDM for authorizations. PAM Solution ensures KONE Infratructure cannot be accessed outside PAM by access controls and continuous monitoring.
  • PAM Uses Separate MFA for added Security.
  • Automations are implemented to onboard/offboard Application servers into PAM

DevSecops model is used for Development, automated deployments, Security Scans and automated Testing.

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Identity Fabrics Maturity Levels
May 10, 2023

The term “Identity Fabrics” stands for a paradigm and concept of a comprehensive and integrated set of Identity Services, delivering the capabilities required for providing seamless and controlled access for everyone to every service. Identity Fabrics support various types of identities such as employees, partners, consumers, or things. They deliver the full range of identity services required by an organization.

Identity Fabrics are not necessarily based on a technology, tool, or cloud service, but a paradigm for architecting IAM within enterprises. Commonly, the services are provided by a combination of several tools and services, with up to three solutions forming the core of the Identity Fabric. Most organizations that are using this paradigm as a foundation for the evolution of their overall IAM tend to build on a strong core platform for delivering major features and complementing this by other solutions.

We will look at what must be in every Identity Fabric, and how to evolve from a foundational Identity Fabrics approach towards a higher level of maturity. The session will look at concrete capabilities per maturity level and service group within Identity Fabrics.

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OpenWallet Deepdive
May 10, 2023
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CIAM-as-a-Service for 50 Million Customers at OLX Group Europe
May 12, 2023

Still developing CIAM in-house? Discover the realities of serving 50 million customers using Hosted Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) as a service (SaaS) from a vendor.

Customer Identity and Access Management is one of the most critical platform components. How big of a risk would it be for the large enterprise to delegate it to the vendor solution? And how much risk would it be to not do it?

In 2019 our Eastern Europe business was struggling with Accounts Takeovers where botnets of 1 million IPs total size were involved in massive credential stuffing attacks. And we decided to replace all our legacy auth with a vendor solution.

In this session we will go through the key moments of such transition and the key learnings from the past 4 years. We won’t miss the aspect of value proposition, customer experience, real cost and return on such an investment.

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An Analysis of Global Decentralized Identifier Data
May 12, 2023

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) offer a unique solution for digital identity verification, allowing individuals to have complete control over their own identity and eliminating the need for a centralized registry or authority. In this session, we will explore the insights that can be gained through the analysis of global DID data. At Danube Tech GmbH, we have developed version trackers that monitor various DID methods, such as did:indy, did:ebsi, did:ion and others, collecting and storing data on DID transactions in our database for analysis. During this session, we will present the results of our latest analyses, including trends in DID transactions over time, distributions across different verification methods, and errors found in DIDs and DID documents. This information can be valuable for businesses looking to understand and utilize DIDs in their operations, as well as for individuals seeking to use DIDs for their own digital identity management.

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A Sovereign Cloud for the German Government
May 11, 2023

You will learn about the Sovereign Cloud for the German Government, this solution is based on Azure and operated by Delos Cloud Gmbh

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The Human Impact of Identity – Women in Identity Code of Conduct
May 11, 2023

Women in Identity strongly believes there is a need for a global Identity Code of Conduct to address identity exclusion—being excluded from access to identification credentials — that subsequently leads to exclusion from financial services and products.

The Women in Identity team are half way through their research project with the current phase focused on the development of the code of conduct.

This panel will share early look at the guiding principles that will ensure all users of digital identity systems have a consistent and high-quality user experience.

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Disruption Time? How to Approach and Embrace Decentralized Identity Inside the Enterprise
May 11, 2023

Decentralized Identity is about to change the way we do IAM in enterprises. It is not just about the C-identities (consumers, customers, citizens). This raises two questions: What do to differently in IAM, to leverage the potential of decentralized identities? And what not to do anymore, because it is becoming legacy? IAM, without any doubt, will change fundamentally. But is it about rip-and-replace of IAM and in particular IGA, or about complementing it? In this panel,  we dive into this decentralized lake of innovation, new standards, products, vendors and start-ups in order to find out how to benefit from DIDs in the enterprise.

Are there interoperability models and how could a longer-term migration scenario look like? What about Identity Workflow Orchestration? Join this great panel session to discuss the way forward for workforce identity.

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Beyond Zero Trust to Achieve Zero Friction
May 11, 2023

Regulatory bodies, government agencies, and CIOs are mandating Zero Trust as a cyber security framework. What does Zero Trust mean for your security strategy? With a Zero Trust security model, nobody is trusted automatically, even when they’ve cleared the perimeter. Instead, all identities are verified, minimum access is granted based on context, and activities are monitored to make sure controls are working as expected. The Zero Trust model requires multiple security controls throughout an IT environment to protect and manage identities, devices, networks, applications, and data. This session will take you through the reality check of where Zero Trust started, how it has evolved over the years and what does it really mean for your organization today.

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Why Active Directory is the Prime Cyber attack Target - and what to do about it!
May 10, 2023

For more than two decades, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has been the de facto method organizations use to authenticate and authorize users for access to computers, devices, and applications within a company’s network. Most companies still rely on it and have further extended its reach into the cloud by synchronizing their on-prem AD with the Microsoft Azure AD to allow proper SSO to cloud-applications by their users. AD is celebrated for its extensive compatibility with various applications and Windows editions, but that compatibility comes with security downsides.

Compromises of Active Directory can occur as an entry point leading to a further attack or can arise at various other points along the kill-chain following an initial compromise via some other mechanism. Even in cases where a compromise is gained following an attack on applications or infrastructure directly, it is frequently infeasible for an attacker to progress further without elevating privileges, making Active Directory a primary target in an overall breach strategy.

It is therefore important that Active Directory defense tools are paired with a wider Zero Trust and XDR approach to provide full visibility over organizational infrastructure, enabling security teams to accurately identify the point of origin of an attack, and to perform the containment and remediation actions required to neutralize and prevent reoccurrence of an attack.

Join Principal Technologist, Guido Grillenmeier, to discuss AD access points used in recent cyberattacks, security risks to watch for in managing AD with Azure AD, how to look for warning signs that AD has been compromised and steps to take in the event of an attack.

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Centralized eID May be the Target of the Next Nordstream Pipeline Attack
May 11, 2023

With the vast centralization of government digitization in general, and issuance and operation of Digital Identity services in particular, the Nordic countries have made themselves unnecessarily vulnerable to attacks by actors such as those with the resources to blow up the Nordstream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

With the new Danish digital identity, MitID, as an example, I will discuss

  1. How governments and/or banks centrally attempt to strike a balance between vulnerability and user adoption,
  2. Why compliance and certification may only take you so far, and finally,
  3. How concepts such as wallets and Verifiable Credentials may decentralize the digital identity ecosystem not only for increased privacy but also for more robust and secure infrastructures less prone to attacks by bad actors.