Katryna Dow: Human-centric Data & Identity Management – Implementing Real World Case Studies

Earlier in 2020, the European Union published “A European Strategy for Data” outlining its vision for a connected single digital market where the benefits of the digital economy could enhance the lives of its citizens, residents and trade partners.

However, we now find ourselves at a very real crossroad. A post-pandemic world will be a new type of normal. Amidst the tragic loss of lives there have been breakthroughs in science, new ways of working along with embracing new digital tools.

We are at the beginning of a new design and architectural phase where just because technology can, doesn’t mean it should. Personal data linked to identity, fuelled by AI sits at the centre of these decisions.

Enabling citizens, students, patients, passengers and consumers to more equitably join the value chains fuelled by data will ultimately lead to greater trust and personalisation, resulting in a more prosperous society. However, this will require new commercial models, enforceable regulation and the digital tools to transform our connected society.

This session will focus on the implementation of real-world case studies including standards, commercial models and technology choices.

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