Balraj Dhillon: Digital ID and Responding to a Healthcare Crisis for a Canadian Province

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At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Province of New Brunswick in Canada needed to enable digital access to COVID-19 test results. Simeio, working with New Brunswick’s Provincial healthcare arm MyHealthNB delivered a digital identity solution. This enabled secure access which was validated against authoritative data sources to proof identity. This also allowed New Brunswick citizens to stay safe and practice social distancing by obtaining results securely and confidentially.

COVID-19 has driven healthcare organizations to enable virtual support and digital tools in a short window. For the foreseeable future in a world of physical distancing, the need for digital services will drastically increase. Digital Identity is at the core of enabling this shift as it facilitates secure access.

Healthcare organizations are the most vulnerable from a modernization perspective due to years of lack of investment and focus. The COVID-19 pandemic has put added strain for hospital organizations to modernize and shift their mode of delivery to virtual care. This session will speak about a use-case that highlights challenges a Canadian Province faced and what tools and solutions were developed to deliver expedited access the COVID-19 test results in 18 days.

Participants will learn:
1. How COVID-19 has driven healthcare organizations to enable virtual support and digital tools
2. How the Province of New Brunswick in Canada enabled digital access to COVID-19 test results
3. How Simeio worked with the Province to deliver a digital identity solution which deployed secure access to COVID-19 results in 18 days

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