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Hello and welcome to the first annual co call Cybersecurity Leadership Summit. We're starting a little bit early later. Big pardon, Because it's, it's, we're trying to get everyone in the room here, but to welcome everyone here, here in Berlin and also to you online. Joining me is our ceo, Beka.
Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Bowick. Thank you all for, for coming. Also, on behalf of the entire KuppingerCole team, we love to have you here. We will make everything possible to make this experience exceptional for you.
I first attended the CSLs as a journalist, and ever since then, it's been my favorite cybersecurity conference because of its focus on leadership. And leadership has never been more important than now. Right, Bert?
Absolutely. I think everyone knows that we live in a time of multi crisis with covid, with broken and unsecure supply chains, with, with the war, of course around, with the climate crisis and then all identities, all processes are digital. We have never been more vulnerable than in these days. If this is not a topic for leadership, I don't know.
Yes. And another reason this has been my favorite cybersecurity conference is because of the quality of the topics, the speakers and the attendees. Of course, Bert, I'll tell us a little bit more about the selection process of the topics and so
On. Yeah. First of all, I have to say we got some help with regard to the agenda. So we do have our cyber security council in place. Members include CSOs from very well known companies. You can see it here. And we had intense discussions upfront, what to cover and, and what is important, what is hot on the agenda of everyone. And of course we'll talk about leadership. We'll talk about the new role of the cso. We will of course also cover the topic resilience and how to achieve it. So what are the best ways, like for example, zero trust, we will cover the cloud, not only the cloud from how to secure it, but also how can the cloud help us to become secure. And we will talk about vulnerability management and we will also cover how policy makers are reacting to, yeah, the global cybersecurity threat. And I'm looking forward to this. Yes.
Again, with the emphasis on leadership, one of the key elements for those of you here in Berlin is the CSO rounds tables, and then for everyone here and also online, the interaction between all of you via the platform as a community. And you can tell us more about that Porwal.
Yeah. We do have three round table discussions today. One is going about state sponsored attacks, the other one's covering vulnerability management, and of course the cloud. You have to register. There are only few seats left. They are limited to end users, so please go there and register, but I promise you it will be worthwhile participating because when do you have the chance to talk to senior CISOs on such topics? Yeah.
Well, thanks very much, Beral. Yeah.
Perhaps one final one, one final sentence from me. Of course. The value of an event like this is mingling, is to exchange, is to discuss ideas and experiences with others because we are, we all are on the, on the good side, we have the same enemy. So let's stick together and join forces and combated.
Okay. Thank you very much.

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