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CSLS Wrap Up and Closing Keynote

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Thank you Warwick. Good job. Well done. Yeah, it's very late already. And as Warwick already said, is hard to believe that three fantastic days are coming to an end three days with lots of content. We had, I don't know if anyone counted it, we had 82, I did it this morning. 82 sessions we with presented by 60 plus speakers. So, so that's, and the speakers were coming from all industries on all levels. So that was really impressive. And we had a lot of opportunities to discuss cybersecurity topics with each other. We had interesting formats, I believe workshops, panels, just, we had couple of them this afternoon, good presentations. So, and not to forget the round tables. So there was I think something for everyone content wise. Let, let us remind what, what was the content in the last three days? First of all, obviously we have to say, and that was the the point also Mike aor, who started off with his opening keynote made, We are living in time of multi crisis with climate, with broken supply chains and not to forget with war and combined with the trend to more and more digitization, it's very clear that cybersecurity is a very important topic.
And you can even say it is a matter of survival for all of you, for companies, for the entire society. And no one experiences the matter of survival more than the poor people in Ukraine in these days. And of course the Ukraine war and the crisis over there were a big topic during that conference as well. What else did we discuss? So of course since this is the Cybersecurity Leadership summit, we discussed leadership topics. So we discussed the biology faceted role of the cso and I think it was obvious that someone said that the CISO is now mainstream, even smaller companies to have a ciso. And we somehow are a little came out of the sub domain of the cio of the IT as well. I think it's now a unique, a unique important part of the business of every company, of every organization. Yeah, it doesn't work without cybersecurity.
Whatever we do and we, most of the things we do are digital only works if it is secure. And I think that that became very obvious and, but it's not a technology game anymore. We also said a CISO has to have also other talents. Team motivator was mentioned. He has to be innovative, he has to be a psychologist. So we talked about awareness this afternoon and he also has to deal with external parties with, with the police for example, with law enforcement and others. So this is, this is a very, very challenging role and it also allows people from other areas then technology to enter in and play that role rightfully. And I think that was one of the trends we made or we observed during this conference. Of course, the other, the other big topic was resilience. And I think that was also, it's, it's now obvious that more and more enterprises take that resilience topic much, much, much more seriously. They start projects to, to analyze their capabilities. And of course a lot of things are having, we, we discussed a lot of things how actually to achieve resilience and I just name a couple of them, zero trust. We, we, we talked a lot about awareness. The human factor played a role etcetera.
Also since this is not only a problem for, for companies, but also for society. As I already mentioned. We of course also had reps from the government here. We heard what policy makers are planning with regard to regulation, with regard to data privacy, et cetera. That was also an important aspect which we covered. And it was also mentioned by Warwick already that, that the, the supply chain of course was a big topic. We had a wonderful presentation in the AF in, in the early afternoon today with, with some new ideas. And I'm sure we will see that topic coming up in the next couple of months. Even even more intensive.
One topic also was quite prominent discussed in the conference, and that was actually suggested by our advisors, the cybersecurity council, the the CS from well known companies. They said the prerequisite of everything is cyber hygiene. So if you don't have your basics, your, your, your, your, if you'd, if you don't have your, your basics in order, then you actually don't need to to to think about the latest technology at all. Things like proper asset management, things like patching capabilities and so on and so forth are the prerequisite for, for cyber security. And finally, and then we had another interesting discussion, which was the next evolution of, of yeah, cyber war that was mdm, male mis and disinformation. And that was on one hour intense discussions. I think a lot of you who are in the room here as well, and we could have gone on for probably another hour without being bored of that topic.
I think that topic will also be something which we will discuss in the next months more and more. And it will, I am personally curious to see to what extent that is something for CISOs actually, right? We did a little survey with the CISOs in our cybersecurity council and the majority of them, they are not yet in, in, in believe that this is their topic. But I think in the discussion we had in the afternoon, it was very clear. It's not yet decided whether he a CSO topic or not, but it's, I think it's obvious that the CSO has to play a role in that discussion and, and he will not get out of this. So in summary, what stands out for me, I think I would, I would probably pick four things. The, the overall crisis situation. Second, I would go with the supply chain challenges, insecurity, certainly since this is quite a, it's not a new topic, but it's, let's say a, people are now newly aware of the importance of it.
That's the cyber hygiene thing. And, and I think that for me were the, the main themes and and outcomes of this conference. Of course, I'm not taking away all the other important stuff which we have discussed here as well. And, and I think they will keep us busy for, for still some time going forward. Now, with that I can only say to the online audience, but also to all of you, thanks for coming, but not only for coming, but also thank you for your active participation. Without that and conference like this wouldn't make sense. So it lifts made that point at the beginning with the interaction with the exchange of ideas and experiences and I got a lot of positive feedbacks in that regard. I also would like to thank our windows who presented their products and did a good job in discussing cybersecurity challenges on the stage, but also on their booth. And finally, I would also like to thank the co cold team who made this all possible and make sure that in the last three days everything worked fine and everything had enough food and fun. With that said, I wish you a wonderful rest of the evening. For those of you who remain in Berlin, I think there are a lot of things to do, so enjoy it all. Others, I wish a safe trip back wherever you live and hope to see you anytime soon in one of our conferences if possible. Thank you.

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