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How to Build a Trusted Digital World Through Collaboration

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Thanks to cybersecurity technologies such as Privilege Access Management and security concepts like Zero Trust, we now have the capacity to secure all digital access, from the cloud to IoT.

Digital access in software and hardware must be secure by design to minimize risk as much as possible. We have seen official agencies including the US and UK governments signing off expansive cybersecurity executive orders to boost national security, and cybersecurity chiefs pushing for the inculcation of security by design in software.

However, the technology itself is not enough to build a trusted digital world. To cultivate this world, we need to raise general cybersecurity awareness for all citizens. This is no easy feat, so the first logical step is to focus on building knowledge and awareness in business schools, mentoring the directors of the future because they will have to learn how to deal with cyber risk daily.

To bring a trusted digital world to life, we must also disrupt the political sphere in the UK and surrounding European countries. The European continent must become a leader in digital sovereignty – where data protection and privacy are respected by all – by cross-country collaboration and the establishment of a European Business Act. European countries are democracies that produce large amounts of data, so to achieve this act, we must create a separate European model that protects and respects our valuable data.

Key takeaways:

• Educate attendees on the concept of digital sovereignty

• Build interest in the better protection of our data

• Provide attendees with the appropriate tools and knowledge to start working towards making digital sovereignty a top priority for their organisation and beyond

• Inspire attendees to collaborate with other departments and countries to create a more trusted digital sphere

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So happy to be online with you present to this Kuppinger called Cybersecurity Leadership Summit in 2022 and before beginning and trying to give you a piece of how we try with S to help you build a trusted security world. I want to make a particular thanks to Martin Kuppinger and the existence of KuppingerCole as a European worldwide Analyst, which is very important and useful to build, I would say European and worldwide industry in the digital and cybersecurity sector. So thank you Martin for having created that and your all actions. So perhaps I will begin by a little overview of who Wix is. We are Linux. Linux is our dna DNA at the beginning and we are building a European leader in the identity and access cybersecurity space, providing simple and technological solutions to help the companies to secure their business by gaining the control of their access.
So we are 240 employees based in 10 different countries. We are, we have two thousands of customers today in 90 different countries and we are providing our solutions through a network of certified distributors and integrators based in these different countries which are completely fully embarked of our ecosystem. I think it's important to precise that we are certified, we have built privilege and access management solution, which is certified by the nssi and currently in progress with the bsi. And we want to build a solution in the palm area where Europe has certified all the technologies we are combining in these solutions.
So we are now present in 10 different countries. As I explained, we have three r and d centers in Europe. We have also subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East, Africa mainly, and in North America. And we try to give a simple way to deploy all our technologies and bring the right support to our partners and customers. Our solution has been recently, historically recognized by copy your Call and Frost and Sullivan as one of the best palm solution of the market thanks to its task, cost of ownership as we say, the simplicity of user's age and deployment and the flexibility of the solution.
We have been recognized I as a leader in the Magic Quran of Gartner last summer with a particular focus on innovation, simplicity of usage and the right usage of our solutions in the OT environments with which are particularly key for the the whole industry. One important particularity of the company is our values. We try to build particular, bring a particular value with our solutions, which is the feeling that the protection of the protection of individuals and industrials identity and data are key in our digital future. And we try to illustrate these particular positioning by some civilizations and education trainings where we try to build our students, our scholars, different view on how could be digital future, when where we protect by design the data, personal and industrial datas. So let's enter in the presentation first. Digital access appears like a new paradigm. We all know that the cyber crime is currently booming and it'll double from today to 2025.
It means that of course we are in a period where a lot of of organizations, public, private, small, big ecosystems are cyber attacks, cyber attacks. And it is currently important in term of impact and it has been considered by pwc, for example, as the main threat for the CEOs of the companies. But the bad news it that it will double until 2025. So we have the pressure to make the right choice in our organization. In the same time we see that the number of access in the organizations is currently booming. Environments, applica access to applications, the machines, the equipments, the device of our users. The endpoints used to access to the digital infrastructures and even the states and the way our public services are delivered are an obligation to open more and more and more access to more and more users, privileged users historically. But now everybody and more and more of our users, our employees, our partners are accessing to their applications and in infrastructures through digital access directly connected to our IT assets.
So the surface of attack is booming, is extending, and we have a volume of access which is really expanding wildly. So in this paradigm, I have three important questions today. First, where are my assets, my contents in particular. My second big questions would be, who are my users? I have to know who are my employees? Who are my, who are my partners? Who is my ecosystem? Where is my ecosystem and where I have to deliver more agility? So the question of identity is key in your organization. Another question which which is my responsibility in this environment related to the compliance, which is more and more pressurizing your organization and your missions. So our mission at Wal will be to answer this question, we have a mission. How can you gain control of your digital access? How can you give control to your digital access? How can we give you this capacity to control the access to the data?
How could we give you this capacity of control to your infrastructures to build your cyber resilience and with controlling the access to your data, your contents and the control to your infrastructure to give you resilience will build for you, will help you to build your autonomy and your autonomy is key today and in the future at it is the way you will keep your sovereignty. So we feel that the next evolution of the cyber of a cyber policy will be this capacity to build and to create an autonomy and a sovereignty by creating the right trusted environment to protect your data and your access. So how do you save, grow up your business? First, there are main basic features. You are going in a physical asset in the real life. You will try to identify who's entering your building, your asset. You will try to settle cameras for example, to see who is doing what in your asset, in your building, your physical asset, your building.
You will add doors to enter different offices, public and commonplace and perhaps meeting rooms, et cetera. You will have to give the keys to the different people concern by these different rooms and place. You will also probably hire a guard because this GU will be the right way for you to have somebody helping your users, helping your employees, helping your visitors to go in the different rooms and different place in your building, applying your rules, the regulations you are trying to put in your asset. And at the end of the day you will have an offer this possibility to access and to apply these whole rules and facilities with a remote access. So what we try to build at Wix is a comprehensive solution, Wix pump for all, which is allowing to gather all these features in a digital world. So we try to offer the basic features with the cybersecurity components to be able to protect, to use your digital assets by giving access, by using traceability, by managing the keys and the passwords by instantly or in the durations, using a simple way to manage the remote access and to be sure that these remote access are not bringing risk on somewhere malwares or building simple ways to manage your employees and suppliers.
So our pump for all approach will try to simplify and unify this whole identity and digital access governance to help you build your autonomy by using a certified European solution and to help you transform your information system into a zero trust architecture, which is key as we saw before. We have seen before, for example, in the CZI approach. So we have packaged our technology, our platform in different simple solutions, accessible solutions and perhaps we could focus on a particular aspect where we could see as important is the cybersecurity solution to build your resilience and I would say content, particular positioning to help you build your autonomy and your sovereignty with focusing, for example, in the OT security world. So in this, let's try to illustrate for example, this gain of autonomy and cybersecurity approach to in, in a particular environment. So where it is particularly key, I need for example to optimize the energy efficiency in my organization, which is particularly, which could be particularly important in the cremate in the period we are facing now.
I will try to do that to connect my factories, my industrial networks and my different systems robots, these to the IT systems of my organizations or I will pull my data in the cloud to analyze, to use artificial intelligence to optimize these energy suppliers I use for my organization to help that we think that it's important to package the right solution, the right technology, the right approach of the technology into a pharma for OT approach where Wix is inside, but the solution is adapted to the industrial environments. So we have built a, a website called ot.security and through ot.security website, our partners, our customers in different industrial environments could have access to the right resources to understand how the cybersecurity technologies and how the package could be used to take advantage of the, the PAM and the technology in their particular and high end environment.
So they will find use gate, yeah, they will find return of experience, they will be able to connect to demonstrations, to webinars. They could find the right partner to develop a strategic approach of the cybersecurity inside their particular industrial environment. And we feel it's as important to bring an adapted technology either to bring a lot of resources, trainings and approach to help our industrials, to modernize their environments. At is will as it will be key for them to protect immediately and to keep their data as has appreci a set for the future. Another point will be key in these high end industrial environments, they are submitted, you are submitted to a lot of standards and regulations. So you will be, you will have to find the right simple approach and cybersecurity solution to comply with your standards and with regulations. This is why the cybersecurity has to be part of an approach, a packaged approach where we simplify your life and not bring complexity in this global and environment.
And as I explained before, using a certified, using a recognized solution will be key to present the future with a pragmatic approach. So to take advantage of a pan solution, particularly a band solution, you will have to take into account your shutdown requirements, of course, I would say with a pragmatic approach concerning related to your operational needs. And you will need to prepare, earn to plan, to take into consideration your future leads as it'll be key for your autonomy. So our mission at WebEx will be to bring you at the end cyber solutions which will enable you to be more efficient in your business and to give you the right agility to innovate and to open your network with a trusted global approach to give you the power, to gain the control of your access today and for the future. So thank you. That's all I wanted to to tell you. And I think it's important in your choice either to keep these factors in, these parameters and the right technology into consideration with the right partners because we live together in the future when you are going to make this choice, which is really key and core in your future organization. Thank you very much for listening to us.

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