Jochen Fischer: A Small Leak Can Sink A Great Ship - Cybersecurity Warfare & SAP

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Security is Culture – and culture starts with people (not technology!) The complex topic of SAP-security is a massive challenge for the almost 500.000 companies worldwide using SAP. The challenges are the same for everyone, and it is the combined corporate responsibility of the C-Level and all employees to protect the enterprise from threats. These core applications can be secured by focusing on the 3 main attack vectors: People, Processes, and Technology. Within this keynote, Jochen Fischer shares what needs to be done to define clear ownership and responsibilities for SAP-security. Enabling people to understand the risk in SAP is fundamental to design a sustainable strategy that is based on the individual risk profile of each individual company. It is time to stop the monkey business when it comes to mission-critical topics like security. As independent expert, Jochen Fischer provides state-of-the-art methodologies to deliver the right people the suitable skills required to protect SAP without burning money on tools that have no or limited effect on corporate cyber resilience.

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