CoronaApp: Time to Act Now, Not to Talk

Kuppingercole's Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger gives his opinion on problems and arguments surrounding various apps for tracking the spread of the virus. And privacy is not the biggest challenge here...

Hello. My name is Martin Kok. I'm principal Analyst at Ko core. Our business is analyzing cybersecurity privacy identity. So I'm looking at privacy topics at security topics for many, many years, right now, as a citizen. Obviously I'm also thinking a lot about Corona Corona app and many other topics around the pandemic. And when I look at the discussion specifically, but not limited to Germany, for instance about privacy in the Corona app, I'm honestly, I'm concerned cuz I'm I have a strong belief. We need such app we need now. And to be honest, I'm really privacy aware. Privacy is not the main topic here because the concepts for this app are good when it comes to privacy approach, various concepts and various good concepts. And if you look at our daily use of a smartphone, why should we then really complain about the privacy aspects of these apps, which are far more well sought out?
That's not the point. What we need to really consider for this app are three other aspects. One is security. Yes. The thing needs to be secure because that's also a matter of trust and we need to have it secure, which means that decentral is better than central. Cause if a central store and central component server gets hacked, we are in trouble. The second is availability soon. So we need this app, but soon, the sooner, the better. So we can't wait and it needs to be available. The, the everywhere it needs to run on apple iPhones, it needs to run on Android devices. If we don't have it running everywhere, it will not help. So we need any way to have the support, the collaboration of these two, which are working jointly in supporting these initiatives. And that is the way we need to look at this entire topic. So not going over the top is privacy because that is not a main point, making it secure, making it available soon as possible amp on every device. That is what we need. And that will give us back a lot of freedom in other areas. So this is my opinion on that. Thank you for listening to me.

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