Palo Alto Networks Workshop - Cloud-Native Security is Different and Here is Why - Play Some Capture the Flag While You’re at It

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Brought to you by Prisma™ Cloud, our Cloud Native Security Camp is a three-hour virtual workshop for professionals focused on learning more about how to help their organizations develop the people, processes and tools necessary to secure their cloud-native deployments. Attend to learn:

  • Why organizations need to treat cloud-native security differently
  • How to integrate security patterns into DevOps
  • Why it all starts with visibility and ends with automation  
  • Key considerations when choosing security tools for your organization

You’ll have the chance to network with peers to get insights into securing a cloud-native environment for your organization, get hands-on to see how Prisma Cloud addresses security risks throughout the development lifecycle, and enjoy some spirited competition.

Language: English • Duration: 01:37:30 • Resolution: 1280x720

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