Martin Kuppinger: Beyond SAP Security & SAP GRC: Reflecting the Changing Business Workloads

Defining strategies on governance, risk management, compliance, security, and identity beyond the SAP silo

Business applications are under change. While some remain on-premises and in traditional architectures, others have shifted to the cloud – and several of these being provided by specialist vendors such as Workday or Salesforce. The established vendors such as SAP also are changing their platforms, applications, and delivery models, while also acquiring SaaS vendors such as SuccessFactors and Ariba. The days of homogeneous, vendor-focused, one-stop-shopping business applications are past. Most organizations are dealing with a heterogeneous landscape of business applications, regarding both vendors and deployment models. While this raises the more fundamental questions whether IT organizations that still have a SAP unit are still reflecting today’s reality, or should undergo fundamental change, there is an ever more pressing need for delivering governance, risk management, compliance, security, and identity for all types of business applications and beyond to other parts of the IT services such as ESM/ITSM (Enterprise/IT Service Management) and newly born digital services.

Martin Kuppinger will look at this evolution and discuss what to change and how to balance depth of capabilities for certain environments with the need for a broad support of heterogeneous (business) applications

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