Practical Zero Trust: From Concepts to Quick Wins to a Strategy

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So, you’ve heard a lot of impressive things about Zero Trust, and how implementing it in your organization should solve most of your security problems, especially these days, when people still primarily have to work remotely. Now you would like to start with Zero Trust as soon as possible, but still unsure how to separate truth from fiction and how to turn theory into practical steps? Then you are at the right event!

But before jumping to specific technologies in later presentations, we have to address some common misconceptions and dispel a couple of myths. Most importantly, we will demonstrate that Zero Trust is not a single product you can buy, but a broad spectrum of practical solutions that address various business problems by targeted application of ZT principles.

Are you looking to implement Zero Trust for your corporate network? For your modern cloud-native application? To secure your sensitive data against unauthorized access? Only you can assess your risks and set your priorities. But we can help you understand the true scope of ZT-enabled solutions and to show how to look beyond labels, focusing on specific capabilities needed to solve your burning business problems.

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