Agile GRC: Adapting to the Pace of Change in the Digital Era

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In the digital era, the rapid rate of change in business, IT and regulatory environments is continually accelerating, making it extremely challenging for organizations to keep pace in terms of their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) capability without the right mindset and tools. The complexity and technical nature of access controls in SAP and other business applications, makes the GRC challenge even greater.

The added complexity of many GRC solutions means that organizations struggle with a lack of business buy-in and accountability for access-related risk. A more agile approach to aligning access entitlements with business roles and adapting to new requirements is needed by GRC practitioners in the face of accelerating change and complexity.

This KuppingerCole webinar covers:

  • Market trends in Access Control and GRC tools
  • Access Control and GRC challenges for SAP customers
  • Aligning business needs with SAP technical specifications
  • How SAP customers can get value out of GRC investments

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