An Overview of the Leadership Compass: Adaptive Authentication and Cloud-Based Multi-Factor Authentication

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KuppingerCole has published two related Leadership Compasses on Adaptive Authentication and Cloud-based Multi-Factor Authentication solutions. We define adaptive authentication (AA) as the on-premises deployments, whereas Cloud-based MFA is SaaS-delivered. For both AA and Cloud MFA, many organizations need to gather additional attributes about users and their environments and evaluate the attributes in the context of risk-based policies. The goal of AA & Cloud MFA is to provide the appropriate risk-mitigating assurance levels for access to sensitive resources by requiring users to further demonstrate that they are who they say they are. This is usually implemented by “step-up” authentication or transactional authorization. Examples of step-up authenticators include phone/email/SMS One Time Passwords (OTPs), mobile apps for push notifications, mobile apps with native biometrics, FIDO U2F/UAF/2.0, SmartCards, and behavioral biometrics.

In this webinar, John Tolbert, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole, delves into these features in more detail, as they pertain to both on-premises and SaaS deployments. He also describes our Leadership Compass methodology, the criteria used for analyzing products and services in these fields, and shows selected results from the Leadership Compass reports.

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