The Future of Access Management: Beyond passwords, beyond static entitlements

In his talk, Martin Kuppinger will deconstruct the term Access Management and look at the various elements and concepts behind. Access Management is multi-facted and includes many concepts. On the other hand, many of the areas we should find being supported in Access Management are still missing in most implementations. So: What does it need for a modern, comprehensive Access Management? How will this look differently from now? Will we get rid of the burden of annoying authentication procedures or reviewing static entitlements we don’t understand? Which roles should policies play? Could we move forward to just-in-time entitlements? And will we finally get rid of passwords.

Martin Kuppinger will cover trends that are already visible, options you can take today, but also evolutions that are just visible at the horizon and innovations vendors should focus on today.

He will deliver you a high-level playbook for tactical and strategic steps for evolving what you have in Access Management towards a broader, future-proof solution.

Language: English • Duration: 21:01 • Resolution: 1280x720

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