Joseph Carson: Your Journey to Privileged Access Security Maturity and Success

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) continues to be a top priority for many organisations throughout the world. It is one of the most important solutions to help organisations reduce the risk from cyberattacks that target their privileged accounts and help move passwords into the background reducing cyber fatigue. A compromised privileged account enables an attacker to move around the network undetected, download malicious payloads, stage compromised servers and cause significant financial losses to their victims. 

Almost all users are now privileged users. With 80% of breaches involving the compromise of IT and business user credentials you must create a plan to reduce the risks posed by “overprivileged access” users, applications, and services.  When users are over-privileged it only takes attackers a few easy steps to become a full domain administrator.  We must make it more difficult that force attackers to take more risks increasing the chance of detecting them early before serious damage is done. 

One question for all organizations is how to get started. Where is the best place to begin for managing and protecting privileged access? It’s vital that you have have a solid strategy. Whether you’re starting a new PAM project or strengthening an existing Privileged Access Solution, Joseph Carson, Thycotic’s Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO will guide you step-by-step through planning your journey to privileged access security and introduce you to the PAM checklist that will help guide you to both maturity and success

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