Prof. Alessandro Musumeci
President, Club Dirigenti Tecnologie Informatiche (CDTI) di Roma

Prof. Alessandro Musumeci

Alessandro has worked both in Italian firms (SOGEI, Informatica & Telecomunicazioni, COS Group) and in international firms (Cap Gemini, Andersen Consulting), with experience in banking (in Banco di S. Spirito information system), in transportation (Italian Railways in Cap Gemini) and in Government area (Andersen Consulting).

From 1989 he has worked as technology responsible (from 1990 to 1995 he was responsible for software engineering in Andersen Consulting) and project manager for complex jobs (realizing the University of Naples information system and the Ministry of Italian Justice administrative system). He also has managed complex organizations (850 consultant in information technology) both in national and international environment.

From 2002 to September 2006 he was the counsellor of the Italian Minister for Education, University and Research, Mrs Letizia Moratti, and he was Chief Information Officer in the same Ministry. From October 2006 to October 2008 was the Chief Information Officer of Comune di Milano, the second largest city in Italy. From November, 2008 to September, 2014, he was the Chief Information Officer of Ferrovie dello Stato, the most important railway company in Italy.

In June 2006 he became the President of FIDA Inform, the non profit professional association of Chief Information Officer in Italy. He was also contract professor in Information System at Rome’s University, and he was invited professor at Rome “Tor Vergata” University (second Rome’s university) and at Cagliari’s university in software engineering.

Since 1991, Alessandro has published more than 400 articles in information technology in the main Italian newspapers. He is also member of several commissions in Italian Government about security and Opensource.

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