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David Brossard

VP Customer Relations

Axiomatics AB

David is the VP Customer Relations at Axiomatics AB, the leader in externalized authorization management. In his day-to-day job, David helps customers architect authorization solutions that enable secure data sharing in compliance with compliance and privacy regulations.

David's main area of expertise is service oriented architecture (SOA) security and governance. David has published several papers and contributed to several books on the topic of SOA security, governance, and attribute-based access control.

David is also one the key figures in the OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) Technical Committee. In particular David has been driving standardization efforts around the developer experience on fine-grained, attribute-based access control. David is also a member of the OASIS Trust Elevation Technical Committee.

David is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide such as the Cloud Identity Summit, Gartner Identity & Access Management summits, and the European Identity Conference.

David holds a Master's of Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France and is also a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect as well as a Certified Security Testing Professional.

David maintains a blog on all things identity at http://www.webfarmr.eu.


Date Title

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

May 16, 2019
Cloud Management
To the Cloud and Beyond: Delivering Policy-Driven Authorization for Cloud Applications and Data Lakes

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

May 17, 2018
Authorization; Identity Relationships
Identity Solved. What Next? Tackling your Toughest Authorization Challenges
May 17, 2018
Identity: Consolidation or Federation?
How will Authorization Look in Future? XACML, OAuth, Proprietary?
May 17, 2018
API Security
The Value of Adding Policy Management in API Security Gateways for Implementing ABAC

Consumer Identity World USA 2017

Sep 12, 2017
Protecting Customer Identities
Panel: How to Work Together in a Privacy Preserving Way to Mitigate Risks

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014

May 13, 2014
OASIS Workshop
Designing Privacy into our "Smart" Systems and Services

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

May 15, 2013
OASIS Panel: ID Protocols – Out with the Old and in with the New?