Mathias Kaldenhoff
Director Sales Fusion Middleware and Public Services Germany, Oracle

Mathias Kaldenhoff

Mathias Kaldenhoff, Director Sales Oracle Large Accounts Fusion Middleware and Public Services Germany  is working as functional leader for the whole middleware stack at Oracle Corp. since 2007. His main responsibility in middleware is german sales but is also responsible for any information exchange and IT-strategy in collaboration with Oracle development (U.S.) and Oracle Product Management (U.S.).

Mr. Kaldenhoff joined Oracle Corp. in 1997 after several operational positions at german retailers.
He started his career at Oracle as Business Consultant for Telecommunications, Media and Utilities and was appointed to Manager System Engineering(PreSales) for this line of business in 2000, and in addition for Consumer and Retail in 2002 before he was officially nominated Director PreSales XloB for northern Germany in 2006.

He engaged in the acquisition and understanding of complex business cases at customer and partner sites, positioning of IT-Architecture as well as Solution Strategy through all management levels and was responsible for aligned delivery of technical expertise for all kind of business process engineering. Since today he performed several publications and oral presentations especially in mobile and grid computing and is responsible for several technical reference architectures all through Europe especially in all questions of public management.