Konstantin Papaxanthis
Group CEO & Founder, Scytáles AB

Konstantin Papaxanthis

Founder and CEO of Scytáles AB, the frontrunner in secure digital identity solutions, with the vision to build trust in the digital world and generate social and economic benefits to society while making everyone feel secure and in control of their digital footprint.

As a visionary entrepreneur with a 25-year-long successful career within ICT, Konstantin has established an extensive track record in innovation management, complex business development and sales, and his international network spans over 60 countries.

Beyond the boardroom, Konstantin is known for blending the precision of technology with the artistry of culinary delights. With an exceptional talent for cooking, he transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary experiences. Whether orchestrating a business deal or crafting a gourmet meal, Konstantin brings a unique blend of creativity, precision, and flair to every endeavour, leaving an impression that is as unforgettable as his international success in ICT.

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