Christine Leong
Managing Director - Global Lead Decentralized Identity & Biometrics, Accenture

Christine Leong

Christine leads Accenture’s Decentralized Identity and Biometrics group globally and is also part of the global blockchain leadership team. She has over 20 years of experience in technology focused on security. Prior to her experience in IT, Christine worked for 9+ years in financial services. She has been supporting Accenture’s thought leadership and efforts in investments in blockchain since 2014.

Christine has worked in several industries including Public Sector, Travel, Financial Services, Retail and Social Impact. Her relevant knowledge spans: Blockchain, Biometrics, Digital identity and Authentication. She is the Program Advisor to World Economic Forum’s initiative for Identity in the Digital World and the Known Traveller Digital Identity project. She led the decentralized identity & biometrics prototype that was shown at the UN for ID2020 in 2018. She is the inventor and sponsor the Circular Supply Chain initiative; she led Accenture’s work with WWF and Moore Foundation on Feasibility of blockchain for food supply chain amongst other inventions.

She is a regular speaker at conferences globally and has published articles on blockchain for identity & blockchain.

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