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Michael Adams



Michael ADAMS is a payments consultant and the founder of Quali-Sign, a specialist in mobile wallet apps for digital identity and strong customer authentication. He is a member of the eWallet Network which gathers European experts in digital identity and payment-enabling wallets. Michael is also a member of the Bank of England CBDC Technology Forum; the European Payments Council Multi-Stakeholder Group on Mobile Initiated (instant) SEPA Credit Transfers (MSG MSCT) Work Stream on NFC and BLE; the Berlin Group openFinance Advisory Group; and the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework policy development group. Quali-Sign has provided consultancy services to the European eIDAS enabled i-banking project.


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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

May 11, 2022
Industry Outlook Track
A Key Milestone towards CBDC Wallets - The eIDAS 2.0 Payment-Authorising Wallets