Johan Nyman
Nordics Thought Leader, eID Easy

Johan Nyman

Johan’s interest in digital identity, and specifically electronic signatures, is manifested in three areas:

1) the citizens’ perspective; how citizens can take advantage of mobile means, as well as national PKI (public key infrastructure) available on their ID cards, to produce and use qualified electronic signatures (QES),

2) the public sector; how organisations working within the public realm, e.g. universities, can use national PKI and other QES means for issuing e-signed documents, and also how they can raise their awareness and knowledge to handle qualified e-signatures in incoming correspondence from persons using e-signatures.

And finally,

3) the tech scene; how tech companies can support citizens, public sector as well as private sector in a purposeful and smooth use of e-signatures and digital identity

Johan works in the Estonian QES tech scene with the Nordics as a focus area, and also has a connection to the Finnish university sector.

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