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Francesco Tortorelli

Director of the Interoperability Services Office


Graduate with laude in mathematics in 1983. Secondary school of information science. He is 47 years old. Director of the interoperability services office at the National Centre for Computing in the Public Administration (CNIPA) since 1999. In this role he manages relevant contracts providing interoperability services to the Italian Public Administrations. He runs and leads working groups with the representatives of the main industries, universities and administration, in order to define rules and models for national interoperability standards. Previously, from 1983 until 1999 he worked for a Public Authority and private company. In this position he conducted relevant projects concerning the integration of different leading edge technologies in finance markets, banks and Public Administrations.


Date Title

European Identity Conference 2008

Apr 24, 2008
Combined Session
Inter-Regional Digital Identity Federation in Italy: the ICAR Case and beyond