Sven Zehl
Information Security Officer Germany, Doctolib GmbH

Sven Zehl

Sven Zehl is the Information Security Officer Germany at Doctolib GmbH in Berlin where he oversees and drives all security related topics for the German branch of Doctolib.
After having studied computer engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, he worked several years as a researcher for wireless protocol security and wireless security architectures where he published several scientific papers and demonstrators on well known scientific conferences of IEEE, ACM or IFIP.
After working as a researcher he spent some time working on regulatory affairs as head of the IoT department and head of the Artificial Intelligence department of Bitkom, Germany’s digital association. From 2017 to 2018 he was member of the advisory board of the German Standardization Council for Industry 4.0, a member of the expert group “Secure IoT platforms” of the Digital Gipfel of the federal government and a member of the German IPv6 advisory board.
In 2019 and 2020, he also worked for Robert Bosch GmbH as a System Architect for the Security Governance department, where he was responsible for managing Bosch's globally applicable Secure Development Lifecycle Processes. For Bosch, he was also appointed as an expert member of ETSI TC Cyber, ISO SC27, CEN/CLC JTC13 and ECSO

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