Oliver Carr
Cybersecurity Evangelist, Strategist and Leader, On sabbatical

Oliver Carr

With over twenty years of experience focusing on cyber and information security, Oliver has had the opportunity to experience first-hand the challenges faced by global organisations in balancing the growing risk and compliance requirements, with the ever accelerating innovation and agility demands of today.

Next to working for over ten years in the planning, design and delivery of security services and solutions at companies like Accenture and HP Services, Oliver has also led delivery and architecture teams as a line manager in industries from Financial Services to Energy Utilities. During this time his focus has always returned to the challenges of organisational change caused by strategic reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions, and the overall demands of digital transformations in both Information and Operations Technology.

Today, Oliver designs and implements tools and methods to shift the perception of cyber and information security as being the “Ministries of No” towards being real business innovation enablers. This requires cyber and information security to become agents of the change that their organisations are aiming for. Something that Oliver is more than happy help achieve.

Oliver Carr holds a Master’s Degree in Materials Science from the University of Oxford and has played the IT Certification Game just like everyone else over the last two decades. He is currently back in Oxford studying part-time for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership at the Saïd Business School.

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