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Donna Beatty

Digital Identity Industry Expert

Digital Identity

The Covid era has accelerated the global imperative to establish trust in the resulting digital-first marketplace. Better digital identity is foundational to realizing this trust. Financial Service providers are crucial early adopters- in collaboration with their government and regulatory partners.

Donna Beatty leverages her 20 years driving digital transformation in financial services to catalyze the global community to move the needle in the identity space. The rapid advances in technology and standards demanded by the pandemic have effectively neutralized these as barriers to entry. Governments and regulatory bodies are in the throes of drafting, reviewing, or passing legislative measures that will mandate action.

You can cross paths with Donna at any number of forums including (i) public-private collaborations like the World Economic Forum and Financial Action Taskforce, (ii)industry groups including the Business Roundtable, Better Identity Coalition and International Institute of Finance, (iii) standards organizations including Open ID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange, and ISO. You may also hear the strength of her voice in support of shaping nascent or revamped identity initiatives underway such as those driven by the UK Digital Minister and under much debate in Biden’s administration in the U.S.. Her reach extends into individual agencies that serve within governments – including TSA/GSA/SSA in the US and DCMS, TISA, NHS, Post Office in the UK.

Donna lives in Manhattan and enjoys everything that the Big Apple offers to its residents. She also escapes to her family’s Carmel Valley paradise (in California) whenever she has the opportunity.

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