Pieter Pienaar
Chairman, IoT Industry Council of South Africa

Pieter Pienaar

Pieter is a passionate entrepreneur with a well-managed network through a host of industries. His vast experience as a senior manager and business consultant across functional areas and technologies allows him to understand and communicate at all levels of organizations and governmental departments. He currently serves as Founder and CEO of Informed Decisions as well as the Chairman of the IoT (Internet-of-Things) Industry Counsel.

As a thought leader in the technology industry, Pieter often shares his knowledge and experience with audiences globally on various topics, technical as well as operational aspects of the technology industry. His foresight in industry trends has positioned Informed Decisions to become a viable competitor for the global standard in data aggregation solutions.

Pieter understands that success in business does not revolve around a single person and as such, surrounds himself with highly talented and capable people.

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