Fabrice Gürmann
Data & AI Specialist, Microsoft

Fabrice Gürmann

- Bachelor at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with focus on Business Management and pilot program participant of IT@HSG in collab with ETH Zurich

- After Bachelors started with BearingPoint for 1 year as a requirements engineer and product quality manager

- Joined EY’s Blockchain Practice where Fabrice helped build up the Swiss Advisory practice. Fabrice developed Blockchain Strategies for cross-industry companies (Including new business models) and supported them in the implementation of these strategies. Furthermore, Fabrice helped developing an EY Blockchain Reference Architecture that can be reused across multiple industries

- During his time at EY as a senior consultant, Fabrice took on a second role: Digitalswitzerland Ambassador! In this role Fabrice supported the Swiss EY CEO in our involvement in the ecosystem

- During his time at EY, Fabrice decided to attend HSG’s Master Program in Business Innovation. Fabrice wrote his Masterthesis in collaboration with ETH about privacy-aware vision-based analytics system. In the thesis, Fabrice proved with a prototype that Computer Vision based systems can be privacy aware on the hardware level, while satisfying business’ analytics requirements

- In August 2021, Fabrice decided to move to Microsoft and support companies in their adoption of Azure Data&AI services

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