Alan Bachmann
IT Research Architect, CVS Health

Alan Bachmann

Alan is working with CVSHealth as IT Research Architect with over 20 years of IT experience. Prior to becoming an enterprise research architect he worked as a business systems analyst and a project manager to understand the full software development lifecycle.
He has been working with Fortune 200 companies in various disciplines such as: developing and implementing CMM level 3 processes, building new internal software systems based on the best of breed as a result of a merger, and implementing centers of excellence for promoting collaboration among business and technology users to improve communication and trust which is essential to lead innovation.   
 Alan is a boy scout leader, Eagle scout, and a maker who volunteers his time building machines that handle tasks for local non-profits that have budget and volunteer limitations. He has built photo booth, draw bots, and CNC machines. He is passionate about using technology to raise awareness of our environment and improve our decision making to make life simpler and more enjoyable. 
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