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Francesco Meschia Responsabile Identità Digitale


Francesco has been working for CSI Piemonte since 2000. Starting as a Java developer, he became Team Leader and System Architect in 2001. During 2002, when CSI Piemonte was involved in the first wave of e-Government services in Italy, he worked in team with another J2EE architect to provide the project manager with a strong infrastructure-level architecture, to support the new e-Gov services. In 2004 he was assigned to a new infrastructure-level project with total responsibility for budget and delivery. The goal was to build a software infrastructure enabling the exchange of messages among civil service bodies according to the event-driven paradigm. 

Since 2006, Francesco has been Unit Manager for Digital Identity, a group of 15 people responsible for strategies, solutions and implementation for the digital identity platform for the Piedmont regional government, both internally and in federation projects with other regions and with the central government.


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European Identity Conference 2008

Apr 24, 2008
Combined Session
Inter-Regional Digital Identity Federation in Italy: the ICAR Case and beyond
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Apr 24, 2008
eGovernment Standards
eGovernment Standards Panel
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